Strategic Development of Management Accountant’s Role

Strategic Development on Management Accountant’s Role:

The Impact on Costing and Budgeting


The company’s existent state of affairs has alerted the demand for alteration and invention in the direction technics employed. Therefore, to assist inform future strategic determinations, a procedure of research and development has been initiated in order to reexamine current patterns and assess new techniques. This study addresses how the direction accounting ( MA ) function has changed within strategic determination doing context every bit good as how the usage of modern-day attacks to bing and budgeting can practically impact companies public presentation taking into history strategic direction.

The altering function of MA within the context of strategic determination devising

The direction comptrollers ( MA’s ) function has been traveling through alterations, consisting a diminution in the ‘scorekeeping’ function and, a corresponding addition in ‘business-consultancy’ functions ( Hopper and Scapens et al. , 2007 ) . It shows a alteration from a function as inactive manufacturers of fiscal information, to a more proactive function including active engagement in determination devising and a focal point on a broader set of information than merely entirely fiscal. Therefore, the MA’s function is altering from an administrative degree to the strategic one, i.e. from “bean counters” to “business partners” ( Paulsson, 2012 ) . Other faculty members support the altering function of MA, such as Burns and Baldvinsdottir ( 2007 ) who mention globalisation, displacements in engineering, accounting dirts, and corporate tendencies ; while Pierce and O’Dea ( 2003 ) supply a list of factors that include, the grade of decentalisation of the accounting map, development of describing systems, corporate civilization, and debut of new MA tools. However, it is argued that MA’s function had expanded instead than changed ( Burns and Baldvinsdottir, 2005 ) . In fact, it is of import to retrieve the nucleus values of traditional accounting have ne’er truly disappeared ( Baldvinsdottir et al. , 2009 ) .

The addition in competition and the outgrowth of more client focused markets have besides driven a alteration in MA function ( Cooper and Dart, 2009 ) . As a consequence, a downswing in gross revenues and an addition in costs could be partly due to non accommodating to those alterations fast plenty. A determination based on traditional accomplishments would non help directors in doing better strategic determinations and accordingly non viing with rivals who seem to hold developed their function. The fact that traditional MA accomplishments have merged with new 1s will add the concerns strategic success in the fast moving concern epoch ( Jarvenpaa, 2007 ) . The handiness of user friendly and analytical package has freed up infinite for the MA’s to execute more sophisticated undertakings such as strategic determination devising and develop the necessary ‘hard skills’ needed, which means going an analyst and concern spouse compared to a simple figure cruncher ( Paulsson, 2012 ) . With MA heading towards a ‘business partner’ type function ( Vaivio, 2006 ) , it has become common for direction comptrollers to be involved in countries such as strategic determination devising ( Sunarni, 2013 ) . Similarly, it is thought that by germinating the traditional function of merely supplying internal information to unifying this with external information, direction comptrollers can help directors more efficaciously when doing a strategic determination for the company ( Kidane, 2012 ) .

Once a strategic determination has been made, a specific direction tool can be used to help in doing the tactical determination. In order to heighten the future economic value of the company ( Kaplan and Norton, 1996 ) the balanced scorecard ( BSC ) attack should be used, as it measures

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Strategic Development of Management Accountant’s Role
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public presentation through strategic aims, which so drives betterment in merchandises and market development ( Kaplan and Norton, 1993 ) . It besides will let the company to utilize peculiar scheme to steer determinations at all degrees through communicating, and it can be used to accomplish single and company marks ( Kaplan and Norton, 1996 ) .

The practical impact of modern-day attacks to bing and budgeting

As a response to the challenges over environmental and internal procedure alterations within MA function, new techniques and constructs have been adopted. Those have helped MA’s to bring forth more elaborate and accurate methods, so that misdirecting signals associated with traditional methods were avoided ( Cooper and Dart, 2009 ) . However, a job associated with the debut of new attacks is that they are significantly more dearly-won to implement and run compared to traditional attacks as staff utilizing them will necessitate advanced preparation and new package will be required ; therefore, being avoided by little administrations ( Hansen et al. , 2009 ) . Although there are high costs associated with these attacks many houses have adopted these new attacks, proposing that the benefits overweigh the operating costs ( Hansen et al. , 2009 ) .

An illustration of a modern-day budgeting attack would be Zero-based budgeting ( ZBB ) , which was introduced to get the better of restrictions of incremental budgeting ( Drury, 2012 ) . ZBB allows companies to prioritise and choose plans and degrees of attempt which best meet its aims ; ensuing in an intensive direction engagement in the budgeting procedure, coercing them to research options in budgetary determinations doing ( Dean and Cowen, 1979 ) . In fact, ZBB can advance efficiency as directors need to warrant their undertakings, promoting them to seek for the most efficient every bit good as cost-efficient solutions ( Rasmussen, 2003 ) . It is besides found to restrict the growing of disbursals in the company, unlike those who use traditional attacks, and to arouse the engagement of more line directors in the budget procedure ( Dean and Cowen, 1979 ) .

Similarly, the company would profit by following throughput accounting as it is a step of public presentation ( Gregory et al. , 1995 ) and is a time-based costing technique which applies the theory of restraints ( Drury, 2012 ) . It would maximize the company’s ends as the technique focuses on the companies restraints ( Dean and Sharfman, 1996 ) by hiking net incomes sustainably and run intoing the company’s strategic aims ( Gregory et al. , 1995 ) . It encourages determination devising to be communicated on an organizational footing advancing a positive alteration within the administrations civilization. Although the company, by utilizing this technique, can accomplish short term net income maximization ( Dean and Sharfman, 1996 ) with a ‘short term determination horizon’ , it would non profit in the long term because long term net incomes are non sustained ( Robinson, 1990 ) .

Activity based costing ( ABC ) was developed in order to battle the restrictions that the traditional technique of soaking up bing carried. This new technique will help the company in bettering strategic determination procedure by bring forthing elaborate and accurate information as it uses a greater figure of cost Centres and different types of cost drivers ; guaranting that misdirecting signals associated with traditional costing methods are avoided ( Drury, 2012 ) .Impacting the firm’s profitableness as it eliminates costs and losingss linked to unprofitable merchandises, services and clients that fail to heighten the worthiness of the house ( Drury, 2012 ) .According to Kennedy and Afflek-Graves ( 2001 ) , it provides a good footing for future hard currency flow projections, which in bend aid houses to take investings in value-added activities and increase stockholders value.

Harmonizing to Chea ( 2011 ) , ABC recognises the relationships each driver has with a merchandise or activity ; therefore, bettering merchandise cost truth. This gives the direction of an administration a clear image on chances to cut down costs ( Kaplan and Norton, 2001 ) . ABC has been shown to better firms’ public presentation in market and accounting related steps as it gives directors a better apprehension of cost/resource direction ( Lambert and Sponen, 2011 ) . A survey conducted on UK houses found that the houses utilizing ABC had shown to surpass matched non-ABC houses by 27 % and that ABC adds value to houses through better cost controls and plus use ( Kennedy and Afflek-Graves, 2001 ) . It provides the company with critical information about which services make demands on which duty Centres and functional sections, assisting to place which services add value to the company ( Jabbour, 2009 ) . However, it has been reported that ABC still does incorporate major subjective allotments which restricts the truth of it cost information ( Cooper and Kaplan, 1992 ) . Kennedy and Afflek-Graves stated that “the end of ABC is to increase net incomes, non to obtain more accurate costs” ( 2001 ) .

The development of ABB has shown to be an betterment from traditional methods by puting more realistic budgets and besides, improved designation of resource demands. It has besides helped to increase the accent and truth of budget end products ( Huynh et al. , 2003 ) . ABB has shown to be more effectual in pull offing costs as it presents a model which allows a company to calculate out the sum of resources that are required to accomplish the budgeted degree of activity ( Huynh et al. , 2013 ) . This allows them to do appropriate accommodations during the budget scene stage ( Drury, 2012 ) .This will assist the company make up one’s mind what activities should be undertaken in order to run into budgeted production and gross revenues volume. ABB provides critical information in greater item which will assist steer direction comptrollers make right determinations on how much resources should be allocated to each activity, i.e. a more precise manner to project future costs ( Atkinson et al. , 2008 ) . Once this method has been adopted the company will be able to interpret its vision into scheme with determinable marks in order to make value, which includes disbursals, net income borders and productiveness addition, every bit good as cost of capital decreases ( Huynh et al. , 2013 ) . Therefore, it can be used for companies’ efficiency and effectiveness rating. However, it merely accentuate cost management’ control and be aftering intent ( Blocher et al. , 2005 ) .

When a company uses ABC and ABB at the same time it normally develops an activity based operational method i.e. activity based direction ( ABM ) , which consequences on an homogenous working environment ; therefore, easing communicating and helping as an effectual theoretical account for strategic decision-making ( Huynh et al. , 2013 ) . By implementing ABM the company is utilizing a strategic cost direction system looking at cost and procedure dimensions for cost decrease ( Blocher et al. , 2005 ) . The use of ABM additions company’s profitableness and fight every bit good as improves operational control because it distinguish value-added from non-value added costs by analyzing managers’ undertaken actions on an activity based base ( Huynh et al. , 2013 ) .


Having exposed MA’s to new countries, specifically in the country of concern direction, is doing their function more proactive when it comes to determination devising. Therefore, words like concern and spouse are cardinal as directors and MA’s are going bonded together to do a stronger squad and heighten strategic determination devising. Strategic direction is an of import country which should be developed within this fabrication company ; therefore, BSC should be implemented as it would give the company a strategic acquisition capacity, through roll uping feedback and proving the company’s scheme before doing determinations.

It is clear that the debut of modern-day attacks to bing and budgeting have significantly impacted organisations operations, particularly on the function of MA’s within context of strategic determination devising. If the company stop up by utilizing ABC system for product’ costing, it should besides build an activity based budgeting and direction for efficiency intent, as a strategic determination. Therefore, the acceptance of an activity based direction line would give directors a clear position of the companies’ consequences taking directors to run control and do strategic determinations.


This whole group work was a challenge. Everything started when we are non in our original assigned groups and we end up together after a strategic move by coachs to apportion pupils by attending. We started working under force per unit area ; we were two hebdomads behind other groups and have non worked together antecedently made it even more hard as we did non cognize how to move with each other. When get downing we agreed to work in every point increasingly together, which was decidedly non a reasonable determination as we were already late. All that issues were originating because we wanted to b democratic and allow everyone hold equal authorization in the group, which was taking to inefficiency in organisational degree, task assignment degree and deadline conformity degree. We finally noticed that, ensuing on one of the member self-entitled herself as the leader and started delegating undertakings and making deadlines. We managed to complete the work but it would be better if we had worked determined place from the started. We have learned that leading is a cardinal point for teamwork.


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