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Reflection Essay on Steve Jobs

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According to this chapter, plus what you have learnt in the course on Marketing, what are the FIVE most important things to do in Marketing Management? Explain why each of the above five ideas is so important. 1. Creating brand image campaign Steve Jobs wanted to focus on creating brand image campaign, and not on a set of advertisements featuring products. One of the most important objectives of doing this is to create awareness, improve image, be memorable and reinforce brand loyalty.

It's very important to plan campaign by creating ideas, develop content and execution. They come up with this brilliant idea, "Think Different", it was creating a lifestyle brand in tech industry. Jobs was focused on market segments and costumers by identifying the special features and was making brand identified through its name, logo, color, design and slogan. This campaign creates emotional relation of society to Apple's image and brand. Even now when people buy Apple's products they decide to do this by emotional reasons more than rational reasons. 2.

Market segmentation Jobs focused on identification and characterization of users groups. Changing from retailers to costumers needs. The product review revealed how unfocused Apple had become. The company was churning out multiple erosion of each product because of bureaucratic momentum and to satisfy the whims of retailers. One of the most important objectives is to develop mix that is focused on and matches the needs/wants of targeted segments. He defined two segments professionals and consumers. Then he understand segment customer's needs, wants and resistances.

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He selected target markets and set of solution to each of it than was focused on user behavior market segmentation parameters. 3. Customer's characterization Jobs realized that Apple had a dozen version of the Macintosh, each with a efferent confusing number, from 1400 to 9600. To figure out what the special characterization it took weeks to explain. Jobs finally was confusing by asking the question "Which ones do tell my friend to buy? When he was not getting a simple answer he decide to slash away at models and products. To do this he first of all started to understand what customer's characterization.

Apple got an access to its database of customers when it reach a deal with Power Computing to relinquish its license. What type of costumers, what are there functional needs, what are their present solutions? The answer to these questions Jobs understand that the market do not buy products, customers buy solutions. Jobs created brand relationship and encouraged the customers to feel involved with Appeal's brand. 4. Product line review Deciding what not to do is important as deciding what to do. When Jobs defined the segmentation and costumers he put it in a four-squared chart.

Here's what we need" Consumer pro Desktop Imax Power Macintosh GO Portable book Power Book GO The purpose is to make four great products one of each quadrant. Jobs was features for the products as desired functionality, performance, quality and liability. Jobs paid attention on customer's benefits through their needs/ wants. When the brand was strong and related to lifestyle in tech industry, customers knew that they buy the best product which provide them good feeling and emotional and performance benefits, additional for product specification and functionality.

By focusing in this four products Jobs cut 70% of existing Apple's products and models of Macintosh. This resulted by massive layoffs. The good engineers, including some whose projects were killed, were appreciative. Jobs wanted to relocate good minds for essential evildoing of main products. 5. Getting the company out of other business such as printers and servers Jobs couldn't understand why company going to ship a million and not make money on these. He proposed that he will get out of printer business and just let to HP do it.

He also cancelled the Newton, the personal digital assistant with the almost good handwriting-recognition System. The ability to focus on main products saved Apple. The laid off more than three thousand people, which salvage the company's balance sheet. It's also very important to concentrate on best companies products and to improve brand image by letting the costumers to feel that the company does the best solution in Operation System and provide the best product which including all customers' needs and wants. The brand name is associating with high quality and great design computers.

What other ideas about Marketing Management did you find in this Chapter, and why do you think was each one of them less important? 1 . Choosing the right agency for integrated marketing communications. Apple was going through a review to select a new agency, and Jobs was not impressed by what he had seen. So he wanted Slow and his firm, by then called In my opinion, this is one of main ideas but not an important because Steve Jobs had his own vision and touch of marketing strategy that could be implemented by different good agencies. . Narration Choosing well-known and popular person to make a narration of Apple brand promotion. Richard Dressers was chosen for this. There was an offer to use Steve Jobs voice for this campaign but Steve told "If people find out they will say it's about me. It's not. It's about Apple". It's important to choose the right person in ad campaign to promote Apple's brand but it's less important as to hose the right product for costumer's needs and wants. 3. Ad campaign Television commercials and print campaigns.

It's important when company create brand image but it will be hard to do when products not fit to customers' needs. Before doing it more important to understand who is your costumers and what theirs need/wants. 4. Killing the clones It was one of the great debate about Apple was whether it should have licensed its operating system more aggressively to other computer makers. When Apple allowed licensing out the Macintosh SO it turned out to be a dubious business strategy. The clones cannibalized the sales.

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