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Steve Jobs’ Vintage Wardrobe Is Up for Auction

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What's an Apple fanboy or fangirl supposed to do once they've  with vintage Apple hardware? Start filling up the closets with Steve Jobs' old clothes, of course. As , a whole wardrobe of the late Apple founder's shirts, bowties, watches, ID badges and other tossed-off goods are .

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Steve Jobs’ Vintage Wardrobe Is Up for Auction

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Weirdly, the items seem to have ended up in the estate of actress Jane Fonda, but they could soon be in your own very personal Jobs collection thanks to "auction house to the stars" . The NeXT-branded turtleneck pictured above is , of course. But true fans of '90s-era Steve might be more interested in this  of nicely distressed Levi's, Versace button-up and Neiman Marcus bow tie (starting bid $400), this epically pleated pair of  (starting bid $300), or the  Jobs wore while flipping the bird to IBM (starting bid $4,000).

On the other hand, if you really want to live the Steve Jobs way, we might suggest taking a look at his , so you can lounge around your home feeling as though you just nailed another perfect keynote. Or, for the ultimate in ironic fanboyism, look no further than  commemorating everything from the founding of Standford's Computer Science department in 1965 to the 1989 launch of NeXT computers.

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