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Statistical Applications

Essay Topic:

The pie chart shows percentage among adults with diagnosed diabetes receiving treatment of insulin or oral medication. It is normally used to present the data. I believe that this was a proper graph used to present the data.

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The information is clear. The data was presented in a good visual that I could recognize the patterns and trends. The colors used to differentiate type of treatment are helpful. Was this the best way to display the data?

What other types of graphs could have been used? This is the most appropriate chart for this type of data presentation. The Pie chart was the best way to present and display the data. Another type of graph or chart that could have been used is the bar graph. Both are graphs showing proportion. They produce the same information just in different forms Is the scope and scale of the graph appropriate? Why or why not?

The scale of the chart was appropriate for the article and how it was presented. This article was part of a journal article and the chart had to be inserted into the article so the scale was appropriate. Does the chart or graph support the findings in the article? Why or why not? The pie chart was described clearly in the article with percentage and the type of treatment. The article also unclouded the source of data, it has the credential to the reader.