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Essay on Statement of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose My father was always an inspiration right from my childhood with his strong work ethic, never-give-up attitude, and strong self-belief. He was a risk-taker, and had no financial support when he ventured into the Edible Oil Manufacturing and Trading Business. This had left an ever-lasting impression on me and it has now become my ambition to be a great entrepreneur like my father. To fulfill my ambition, I am keen to pursue a Master’s degree in business management. My other inspiration was my college dean Dr.

Prof Col A Balasubramanian. He always cited "problems are opportunities". If things go wrong, he had asked me to break the problem down into small manageable portions, and taking on each sub problem one at a time. Because of this I believe that there is no problem insurmountable and no goal out of reach. After my high school I interned in my father's company. During those 12 months I had learnt a great deal about administration and also got a first hand experience on the workings of a manufacturing start-up.

I pursued Bachelor of Business Administration because I wanted to bring more depth to the technologies on offer. This gave me ample opportunity to imbibe knowledge in proper management. This was the main reason behind my pursuit of management education, which will provide me with the skills necessary to help my business expand, thrive, and remain viable in the future. During the first year of my undergraduate programme, I undertook an internship in Mather ; Platt Pumps Ltd. , where I picked up knowledge on inbound marketing, market segmentation and market trend.

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I got an insight into the market scenario to various key issues. In my second year, I was made the placement team coordinator, a position that gave me the opportunity to enhance my leadership skills. Working as a team fuelled my creativity leading to better results. In the same year, I had the chance to attend NHRD conference in New Delhi, where I had the privilege to meet various notable persons in the corporate world like Kapil Sibal (Union Minister for HRD, Govt. of India), Mukesh Ambani (Chairman and MD, Reliance industries), Adi

Godrej (Chairman, Godrej Industries), Chanda Kochhar (CEO and MD, ICICI Bank), Baskar Chatterjee (Indian Administrative Service), Vanita Ball (MD, Britannia Industries) from whom I gathered information on International Budgeting, Market and Corporate Valuation and foreign exchange matters. That experience left a lasting impression on me. I wanted to broaden my horizon on an international level. In my final year I was selected to do the project at Tata Motor as it has an outstanding infrastructure and stimulating world-class research environment.

I was made responsible for the Human Resource section. I feel HR is vital as it is an integral part of organisation management. A good HR professional can build measurable strategies to address turnover, low morale and underperforming employees. I was placed in the Man Power Development Center, where I worked for three months. My good performance earned me laurels from the General Manager for HR. Subsequently I was handed over the responsibility of another critical project for the senior managers in manufacturing department on Corporate Training Needs.

After my studies, I engaged myself as Marketing Manager in my father's company. I was at the helm of overlooking all the cost of advertising, research, developing strategies and analysing financial statements. Though I possess industry-gathered skills in management, I feel the need to build on advancing cutting edge technologies in this domain in order to create a niche for myself. Therefore I must return to the academic world for further growth. Thus, my goal is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) wherein I could advance analytical approaches to management studies.

I am familiar with the increasing importance of the markets of my country, and I am thoroughly prepared for the demands and challenges the industry poses. An MBA programme from a renowned school like yours would equip me well to understand the intricacies of business at the global level. I am aware that the universities in United States offer a great scope for intellectual and academic development. It is for the reason; I am applying for a Masters degree in your distinguished university. Your MBA programme, I believe, will guide me through understanding the theories of business and implement them in a real world scenario.

Based on the extensive research that I carried out on knowing about the course, I came to know that your university focuses on the key elements that are required for a business administration. Discussing about the various other prospects of the college, wherein the source being forums and message boards, I came to the conclusion that your university’s curriculum would act as a bridge between my undergraduate course and the postgraduate course which would help me adapt to a new environment.

Moreover, it would provide unparalleled business skills and highlight my strengths and achievements for my post MBA professional growth. Your school’s pioneering programme would surely give a jump start to my career after completing my MBA and help me contribute my bit to the industry and the society at large. My experiences have helped me in becoming a person, who is ready to take on the world, to lead and to participate in the global revolution. I am therefore confident in my ability to adapt to your environment and join your MBA programme.

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