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State of the Nation: The Seven Years War

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A. Why might some scholars call the Seven Years War the “Great War for Empire”? B. Is it accurate to describe the Seven Years War as the "Great War for Empire" and as the "First Worldwide War"? C. What role did Indians play in the causes and consequences of the war? D. Did the war set the stage for the American Revolution? In 1756, Britain declared war on France, which is known as to today to be the beginning of the Seven Years’ War.

Some Scholars might call the Seven Years’ War the “Great War for Empires” because France ceded its major North American holdings to Britain. Because of Frances’s losses, Britain gained control of the continent’s fir trade. Another reason in why some scholars may call the Seven Years’ War the “Great War for Empire” is because it chained into an expansion of British colonies. In 1763, Local Indians started feel the impact of the British’s win.

Some Indians known as the Creeks and Cherokees were some of the most upset, because they were not able to turn to France or Spain in case of Britain not giving them any kind of concessions no more. In desperation, and retaliation for British atrocities, Cherokees attacked the Carolina and Virginia frontiers in 1760(Norton, 112). Even though the Indian were victorious, they were easily defeated the following year. Late in 1761, a treaty allowed the construction of British forts in the Cherokee territories and opened a large tract to European settlement.

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