SSD2 Module 1 Test

_____ communication is a vital asset in promoting..
The receiver indicates attention through…
Verbal and Non-Verbal
Human Communication is best understood as a system…
As you receive behavioral cues to communication..
Interpersonal communication occurs at…
Content and Process
Communication is not complete if the…
The structure of the Army writing is simple and consists of..
Main Idea
Select the Active voice sentence below.
“The Soldiers cleaned their weapons.”
Errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation can…
The standard English sentence order does which of the following?
Helps the reader understand the main point. Speeds communication.
Select the passive voice sentence below.
The orderly room was organized by SPC Williams
Which security classification would you apply to an SOP in which the unauthorized disclosures of its contents could reasonably be expected to cause damage..
Reproduction and distribution requirements should be determined..
Local (unit)
The development of SOPs is based on..
You can identify the ______ for distribution…
Target Audience
When an SOP is submitted for peer review..
Squad Leader
Platoon Sergeant
Platoon Leader
Which security classification would you apply to an SOP in which the unauthorized disclosures of its contents could reasonably be expected to cause SERIOUS damage..
The _______ includes those family assistance services and related programs…
Total Army Family Program
The AFTB training program consists of I, II, III…
Program Manager
Master Trainer Professional Development
Enrollment in level I, II, and III of AFTB is…
What AFTP course provides training for family members new to the Army?
Level I
The ____ course provides training for family members who have more experience…
Level III
The ____ course provides training for family members with several years…
Level II
A _____ is a group within a larger social group that shares cultural characteristics…
Which of the following are techniques to enforce the EO program policies…
Separation action
Lead by example
EO is a ____ issue.
Religion income marital status and education are considered…
Secondary dimensions of diversity.
____ is a complex classification of human characteristics related..
Race, religion, gender, national origin, and color are defined as what
The five categories of discrimination.
Enforcement of the army’s policy on hazing is the responsibility of..
Leaders of all level.
Which of the following relationships is prohibited
Any relationship between permanent and DEP
Any relationship between permanent party and IET
The connection between the chain of command and the NCO support channel is the
Senior NCO
Who defines responsibilities and authority of noncommissioned officers
Which regulation covers the wear and appearance of army uniforms
AR 670-1
What constitutes the three stages of team development
Formation Stage
Enrichment Stage
Sustainment Stage
Families with foreign-born spouses will receive support and assistance that includes the following

A comprehensive, multilevel language program

Cross-cultural training offered in conjunction with language programs to facilitate communication skills development

Cultural mediation services to assist multicultural family members in dealing with problems that arise during the immigration and cultural adaptation processes and language skills development.

Sponsorship is a(n) _____ program
The ______ provides basic housekeeping items…
Lending Closet
______ and ______ are the two critical phases of the formation stage
The completed da form 5434 will be forwarded to which of the following organizations
The losing activity to the gaining Army Command or activity.
The gaining ACOM/activity to the unit of assignment (military) or supervisor (civilian).
The unit of assignment or supervisor to the sponsor.