Sports Management essay topics

What five techniques and strategies are North American professional sport leagues using to increase global interest in their leagues?
All major leagues are drafting and signing players from other nations and moving into those countries with marketing efforts.
MLB has an office in Tokyo to oversee its efforts in Japan, Taiwan, and China, plus the league has been playing one game to open the season in Japan for the past few years.
The NFL no longer operates NFL Europe, but has begun playing a marquee regular season game in Europe.
The NBA has expanded throughout the globe with probably the most international movement of all the North American leagues (e.g., NBA China and NBA India).
Powers of the Commissioner
Approval of player contracts
Resolution of disputes between players and clubs
Resolution of disputes between clubs
Resolution of disputes between player or club and the league
Disciplinary matters involving owners, clubs, players, and other personnel
Rule-making authority
Responsibilities of a school/athletic director
1) Hiring, supervising, and evaluating coaches.
2) Determining departmental/league budgets
3) Determining and verifying game scheduling and athlete eligibility
4) Overseeing all associated fundraising