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Specific User System Requirements

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Specific Requirements

This section provides comprehensive details on all requirements. It should include all of the details which the designer will need to create the design. The details that is shown below should be defined as individual specific requirements such as User Requirements and System Requirements. It also contains all of the software requirements to a level of detail sufficient to enable designer to design a system to satisfy those requirements and testers to test that the system satisfies those requirements.

User Requirements

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Specific User System Requirements

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The user must enter the correct username and password otherwise they cannot access through the system. The system should reports invalid log in errors. The system shall provide a facility in changing user accounts: Username and Password allowing the users to modify their accounts. The system should report any violation. The system should automatically generate bills and receipt, and other functional reports. The system can also void purchase order and should include search facility on different products information. The system should keep records on every actions that has been made.

System Requirements

1. Log in and log out
a. Users must be able to log in and log out
b. The users must enter correct user accounts to access the system
c. The users can change their accounts
2. Viewing the system main menu
a. The system should have a clear and user friendly interface.
3. Rendering order transaction
a. The system should provide bills and receipt
4. Viewing / Retrieving / Modifying records
a. The user must be able to create and update records
5. Viewing and evaluation of records

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