SPE Test #1

Annette is a high school student who reads at the level of a typical third grader. She wants to get her driver’s license, but is unable to read the driver’s manual or the questions on the driving test. For purposes of driver training, Annette would be considered to havec
a disability and a handicap
Although no two students are alike, to be considered “exceptional” for purposes of their school program, students must
require special educational services to achieve their full human potential.
When special education works as it should, the outcome for students is
improved achievement and behavior
The majority of students who receive special education services fall within which age range?
Which one of the following provides the best definition of special education?
Special education meets individual needs of exceptional students.
Most historians trace the beginning of special education as we know it today to
Jean-Marc-Gaspard Itard
The first special educators provided many of the ideas that form the foundation for special education practice today. They include all of the following EXCEPT
placement in the least restrictive environment.
All of the following practices promote integration EXCEPT
What was one of Elizabeth Farrell’s contributions to special education?
founded the Council for Exceptional Children
Which federal act requires most students with disabilities to take standard tests of academic achievement and to achieve at a level equal to that of students without disabilities?
No Child Left Behind Act
Response to intervention (RTI)
can be applied to social behavior and academic learning
Frequent measures that provide information on whether a student is learning as expected are
progress monitoring assessments
Schools must provide an individualized program for each student who requires special education services. This means that
an educational plan must be written for each student
Which one of the following best describes an individual family service plan (IFSP)?
a type of IEP created for preschool children with disabilities
What was the major accomplishment of IDEA and other federal laws with respect to transition?
They required schools to integrate transition plans into IEPs for students with disabilities
Homebound instruction is most often utilized for students who have
physical disabilities
Each of the following is a basic strategy for helping students with disabilities to participate in the general education classroom EXCEPT
a homogeneous grouping
In collaborative consultation, the special education teacher
acts as an expert in providing advice to the regular education teacher.
In cooperative learning,
students with and without disabilities work together in small groups to solve problems or practice responses.
When teachers provide choices of activities on a single topic that vary in difficulty, they are using
tiered assignments
All teachers must be prepared to work with exceptional students for all of the following reasons EXCEPT
Radical reforms of special education threaten special education as a separate, identifiable part of education.
Each of the following is a major component or element of culture EXCEPT
A skin color
Each of the following is a general purpose of multicultural education EXCEPT
to satisfy a large, tax-paying constituency.
A group that shares an historic origin, culture, heritage, and traditions, and that has its own political and economic interests is called a/an
ethnic group
The disproportionate representation of ethnic minority students in special education points to the need for all of the following EXCEPT to
decrease the level of home/community involvement.
Quick measurements to determine who may need further assessment are
screening measures
All of the following are common criticisms of standardized tests EXCEPT
focusing on deficits of the individual
Cultural sensitivity requires
adding materials that include examples of contributions by members of all cultural groups.
An approach to teaching language-minority students in which students are taught for most of the day in their native languages and later make the transition to English is
native-language emphasis.
Tactics that aid memory, such as rhymes or images, are called
Academic instruction is one of two primary purpose of education. The other is
In families of a child with a disability, parental stress is usually the result of
daily burdens related to child care.
Which one of the following is regarded by some parents as a positive effect of having a child with a disability?
causes family members to be more tolerant of others
Tina and Jim have three children, one of whom has a disability. Several professionals work for them, encouraging the family to make its own decisions and get non-professional and formal support. This approach to intervention is consistent with which model?
A system of using educational service in addition to available community services to meet the needs of children and their families is called
wraparound service
In Sam’s family, everyone spends their free time independently. Family members seldom eat meals together or plan joint activities. Sam’s family has low
A frequent complaint made by parents about communication with teachers is that
they only hear from school personnel when their child has misbehaved
The key to a successful parent-teacher conference is
being prepared/planning
When preparing for a parent-teacher conference, the teacher should do all of the following EXCEPT
establish the role of authority.
Under IDEA, one form of advocacy to which parents are entitled is/are
due process
At present, about how many students in the United States receive special education?
over 6 million
Young siblings of a child with a disability are likely to
have just as difficult, if not more difficult time coping with their feelings than their parents.
The primary purpose of a home-note program from one of the child’s teachers is to
allow parents to communicate with all professionals who deal with their child.
Functional behavioral assessment involves evaluation of each of the following EXCEPT
disciplinary style.
An IFSP refers to an
individualized family service program
With respect to culturally and linguistically diverse learners, response to intervention (RTI)
relies heavily on curriculum-based measurement and less on standardized tests, which may contain cultural bias.
Considering the needs of all potential users, including those with disabilities, when developing a technology is referred to as
universal design
The key to improving special education is
knowledge of special education law.
Research indicates that
some instructional approaches, such classwide peer tutoring, allow teachers to provide culturally sensitive instruction to all members of a diverse group at once.
Accommodations for evaluation procedures of students with disabilities might include all of the following EXCEPT
providing verbal prompts to the student during testing.