SPC1017 (Chpt. 2)

Which of the following is true about self-concept?
Gender roles generally are learned through cultural teachings.
Self-awareness may be defined as
the degree to which you know yourself.
John has never told anyone about his fear of spiders. We can assume this fear is part of John’s __________ self.
Which of the following actions is an example of securing affirmation?
1.) taping a note that says “I’m a worthy person” to your bathroom mirror and saying the words out loud every morning
2.) seeking out positive people to interact with
3.) interacting with positive people you can identify with
Self-disclosure refers to all of the following
1.) a type of communication that reveals information about oneself.
2.) slips of the tongue.
3.) a public confession.
When Bill first began working at his new job, he began to disclose highly personal information to others almost immediately, often making others uncomfortable. Which guideline for self-disclosure was Bill unaware of?
Consider the appropriateness.
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When you hear a new song played on the radio, the __________ stage of the perception process has just occurred.
The process by which you become aware of objects, events, and people by using your senses and well as your previous experiences, desires, needs, wants, and loves is called
Hans only watches Fox News because the reporters and commentators reinforce his existing beliefs and attitudes. Hans is engaging in
selective exposure
The process of trying to understand other’s behaviors is called
The looking-glass self is based on the idea of how you see yourself directly.
Your ability to achieve what your culture defines as success will contribute to a positive self-concept.
Self-awareness is basic to all communication.
No one should hesitate to self-disclose information about himself or herself regardless of the immediate audience.
One recommended way to resist the pressure to self-disclose is to be indirect and change the topic.
Telling people information about themselves that they do not know is one way to self-disclose.
“Work on projects that will result in success” is one of the ways to improve the self-esteem.
It’s frequently recommended that you remind yourself of your successes by using affirmations.
One way to increase accuracy in perception is to reduce your uncertainty.
The last stage of the perception process is memory.