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Something That Changed My Life

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I remember I hardly had a B or an A until my mom told me what I didn’t know. I didn’t know I had a chance a lot of people didn’t have, I didn’t know I had a chance a lot of people wish they had. Once I brought my report card and it wasn’t good at all. Then my mom sat me down and told me something that changed my life. She told me she didn’t have the chance I was getting and she wished she had completed school but her parents were never there for her.

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My mom lived with her grandmother who took care of her and saw her through her school but unfortunately she couldn’t complete school, unfortunately she had to drop out because there was no money to support her through school. she had to struggle to get It’s funny because my mom actually had the same problem as I had but then she realized she wasn’t hurting anybody but herself, but nobody had to sit her down to talk to her she realized it by herself. She later changed her attitude her school and started putting an effort.

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