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Some People Believe That If Children’s Leisure Activities Are Not Educational

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How children should utilize their leisure time is an issue which is discussed these days among people,some believe that the activities should be educational while others support giving children freedom to choose. Some teachers and parents have strong opinions about educational activities in childhood. They urge their children to keep studying or get engaged in educational activities. Since childhood is the best time for learning they regard it as golden days for learning.

Recent surveys among children between age of 3-8 has shown that those who had educational programs in their free time were more successful in next levels of studying. though it may be hard for children at first ,it makes them to find a way for revealing their hidden talents. Children may not be aware of the result at first but as time goes by they will find it most useful method for finding their way of interest according to Doctor Bahrami’s speech in Tehran university.

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On the contrary,some others encourage their children to play more and enjoy their moments with their friends or toys around them. By their allowance children by themselves have liberty to choose activities of their interest in leisure time. Children have an opportunity to participate in group works and communicate with their same age children. Group activities even playing with same age children put them in a smallest society groups which can lead them to act better in future roles.

In myy point of view, letting children to enjoy their childhood by their parents support is the best way to treat these god given beauties. Childhood is the sweetest part of life any one can experience. Creative minds grow while there is no obligation or pressure from an outer person. when children have time to draw paint or make things their talents would appear in their own way of interest. According to psychologist most of creative minds have free childhood without any obligation from their parents side.

In this period(childhood)children have time to play,run and do some sports that will help them to keep fit mentally and physically. Running jumping playing keeps their body fresh and healthy and also keeps their body fit. Studies through recent years shows the increasing rate of obesity among children which is caused by modern life. Think about the way u wanted to spend your childhood. Nobody wanted to have childhood with so many educational extracurricular activities. Give your children chance to get rid of this logical acts we suppose them to do.

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