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Some Cybersecurity Strategies Indian Enterprises Should Look Into

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Looking at the intensity of what might be the largest data breach in the history at Yahoo, we can say that Indian Cyber space is facing grave danger too. Given the level of negligence towards cyber security in this country whenever someone starts a business, there is an urgent need among enterprise-scale organizations from all sectors in Asia-Pacific (APAC) to prioritize end-to-end cyber security protection with actionable, threat intelligence capabilities in the face of new digital business challenges.

According to a new research conducted by Fortinet, 58 percent in India and 64 percent in APAC say the best response to increased security breaches is to invest in new cyber security technologies that provide protection across the entire threat lifecycle.

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Some Cybersecurity Strategies Indian Enterprises Should Look Into

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. The survey gave a great solution to this which is outsourcing help from countries who are way ahead in cyberspace and it is a trend catching on with countries such as Singapore and Thailand rating high on cybersecurity outsourcing adoption forecast.

“IT decision makers understandably want more resources to combat threats from all directions, but the answer doesn’t have to come in the form of spending more or ripping and replacing existing solutions,” said Michael Joseph, Regional Director – System Engineering of Fortinet India & SAARC

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