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Solutions to the Cape Town electricity cost problem


It is a known fact that the cost of electricity is incising at a dramatic graduated table. The City of Cape Town Electricity Department anticipates that the monetary value of electricity would hold perchance quadrupled ( 415 % ) between 2006/2007-2015/2016 ( City of Cape Town 2014 ) . At the minute electricity is traveling up by an norm of 19 % a twelvemonth ( South African Tourism, 2014 ) .

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Therefore salvaging electricity isn’t merely a sort act to maintain the universe viridity but instead assist one salvage their difficult earned Rands. The money which is being saved can besides be put towards medium and long term ends in assisting one save electricity. A few simple actions is all it can take to cut down the sum of electricity you use.

After roll uping a spider graph, our extended research on current ingestion of 10, The Mills, was legible and easy to see what contraptions contributed the most to our electricity measure. These contraptions were chiefly found within the kitchen ( electric refrigerator, range and boiler ) as the level consists of 3 people who all cook separately for themselves. The other chief subscriber is the geyser.

A list of betterments have been written up ordered in short term which for a pupil would be the imitate and free alterations they can do to their life manner, along with medium and long term alterations that can assist better their electricity ingestion.

  1. Short term investing Internet Explorer. The no cost option

All these options listed below are immediate short term declarations that involve R0 but are simply a simple behavior alteration.

Many geysers are set to the temperature of 70° Celsius ; nevertheless one can turn the temperature of the geyser down to 60° Celsius and still bask a nice hot shower and at the same clip salvage 5 % on your electricity measure ( City of Cape Town, 2014 ) . By cut downing the temperature less energy ( electricity ) is consumed. Turning the geyser off during the twenty-four hours when you are non at place besides helps salvage electricity ( Jones, 2012:4 ) .

Using less hot H2O can besides assist cut down electricity ingestion, for illustration taking short showers alternatively of bathing. Fill the boiler with the right sum of H2O needed ( State of California, 2013 ) . This may be seen as a surprise to many but use the dish washer and allow the dishes air dry alternatively of rinsing dishes by manus ( City of Cape Town, 2014 ) . However for this to be effectual the dish washer must be filled to its maximal capacity. Last use cold H2O where possible when making the wash, the lavation machine uses 90 % of its energy heating the H2O, by rinsing your apparels at 30-40°C one can salvage 4 % ( uSwitch, 2014 ) .

Be a speedy chef and utilize the microwave for cooking alternatively of the range or oven as it uses about two-thirds less energy than the range ( State of California, 2013 ) . However if one must utilize the oven, cook a few repasts to acquire the most out of holding your oven on and if the range must be used, fit the pot size to the right home base on the range ( Grosvendor, 2012:25 ) .

Filling up the electric refrigerator can besides assist one save electricity for holding the electric refrigerator full keeps the electric refrigerator from warming up excessively fast when the door is opened, leting the electric refrigerator to work less to maintain cool ( uSwitch, 2014 ) .

If you are still utilizing the normal incandescent bulbs, exchange the visible radiations off when you leave the room.

Switch over the Wi-Fi router off when it is non, hence at dark and when you leave for work in the forenoon.

In standby manner contraptions can frequently pull up to 20 % of electricity therefore it is best advised to exchanging contraptions and equipment away at the wall ( City of Cape Town 2014 ) . One can salvage a batch more electricity by making this instead than go forthing contraption on standby manner which we frequently do. If you are up to re puting linear redstem storksbills and dismaies everyday so an option is turning off designated stopper switches on the chief switch board. This will assist you save electricity as no contraptions will be on standby or pulling unneeded energy.

  1. Medium term investings ( under R1000 )

A good start would be to put in efficient illuming. Replacing all the old incandescent bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lamps ( CFLs ) can assist salvage electricity as they use 75 % less power ( City of Cape Town 2014 ) . LEDs are even more effectual and efficient than CFLs and last 130 times longer ( Jones, 2012:16 ) . However they are more expensive. There is still the option of turning visible radiations of when you exit the room to assist salvage electricity.

Receiving hot H2O consumes 40 % of the electrical measure at the terminal of every month ( The SEO Company, 2014 ) . Within an hr a geysers temperature will drop 1°C and energy is invariably needed to reheat the geysers H2O ( City of Cape Town 2014 ) . On mean the geyser turns on 25-30 times a twenty-four hours to keep its original heat ( The SEO Company, 2014 ) . A average term investing can be insulating the geyser with a geyser cover along with 3meters of the geysers plumbing pipes. By insulating the geyser heat loss through the steel shell is reduced, the hot H2O is kept hotter for longer ( Grosvendor, 2012:35 ) . This consequences in the geyser non turning on every bit often as it would to heat H2O up. By put ining a geyser cover the energy usage can be reduced to about half of its old ingestion.

Installing an efficient shower caput can besides assist cut down electricity costs. By cut downing the sum of hot H2O needed for a shower, money can be saved by necessitating less electricity to heat up the H2O ( The SEO Company, 2014 ) . By looking at this tabular array it is apparent that a shower caput can cut down electricity ingestion.

Ordinary Shower HeadFlow Rate

Water Savings Litres

Electricity SavingsskWh

Monetary SavingssRands

15 liters per minute

37 800


R 887.80

18 liters per minute

45 360

1 053

R 1 053.36

20 liters per minute

50 400

1 170

R 1 170.40

Formulated by utilizing info given on: The SEO Company 2014. Salvaging energy.SEO. [ Online ] . Available: hypertext transfer protocol: //savingenergy.co.za/saving. [ 25 February 2014 ] .

  1. Long term investings

Installing a geyser timer can assist cut down electricity ingestion on the geyser. The simple device is programmed by you which controls the clip in which the geyser turns on and off ( The SEO Company, 2014 ) . As antecedently mentioned the geyser turns on every clip it needs to set to its original heat or eat H2O up. The timer is designed to command the geysers behaviours. The geyser can be set to be turned off during the dark and come back on during the early hours of the forenoon and back off when everyone is at work and out the house.

Installing dual glazing on Windowss can assist cut up to 50 % of heat loss ; this will assist in winter as one can cut down the sum of electrical warming contraptions that consume a batch of electricity ( U.S Department of Energy 2014 ) .

Replacing electrical kitchen contraption with gas contraptions ( gas range, oven and kettle ) could be an alternate to cut down electricity ingestion.

A heat pump is a device that uses a little sum of energy to travel heat from one location to another. They are by and large used to draw heat out of the land or air to heat up a house ( The SEO Company, 2014 ) . The procedure can besides be reversed and alternatively of warming, it can assist chill the house. A heat pump besides offers one a manner to utilize electricity expeditiously when heating H2O.

Installing a solar geyser or solar panels for the house can assist cut down 1s electricity measure along with all the above accommodations ( Oxlade, 2013:28 ) .

Fun and Freaky Facts:City of Cape Town, 2014

Leaving a computing machine proctor on nightlong can blow every bit much energy as doing 800 A4 photocopies.

Overfilling an electric boiler can blow adequate energy to run a Television set for 26 hours.

Lighting an empty life room or bed room overnight, can blow adequate energy to do 1000 cups of tea.

Televisions, DVD machines, Laptops, computing machine and picture machines left on ‘Stand-By’ continue to utilize at least half the sum of electricity they use when they are turned on.


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