Sociology Test- Chapter 11

1) What is the poverty level for a single person age 85 or older?
2) How many people in the United States are affected with disabilities?
53 million
3) What challenges do Americans with disabilities face?
All of the above
4) What does ADA stand for ?
Americans with Disabilities Act
5) From Gallup poll results, what are the concerns about the U.S. health care system?
All of the above
6) The United States spend a higher percentage of its GDP on health care than___.
Any other country in the world
7) What are some of the factors that have contributed to the rapid rise in health care cost?
All of the above
8) The elderly in the United States have become
A political force
9) Which of the following is NOT an example of ageism?
An older adult portrayed as a positive role model
10) Today more and more Americans are seeking medical advice not face-to-face visits with doctors but from
The Internet
11) Which of the following does NOT work to bring national attention to the elderly?
Social security administration
12) Where does the shortage for physicians lie?
General practitioners
13) How is social status directly related to health care ?
Wealthy Americans receive adequate medical care.
14) Which of the following would NOT be a part of the baby boom generation?
A 30 year old man
15) Which of the following is a cause of the challenges to Social Security?
Longer life experiences
16) Which of the following is an example of gender inequality in politics?
Underrepresentation in political office
17) How do children learn general role behaviors?
Through socialization
18) Which of the following is NOT a result of the women’s rights movement?
The Civil Rights Act of 1964
19) One result of Title IX has been
That roughly 40 percent of all college athletes are women.
20) The wage gap- the level of women’s income relative to that of men-is currently
73 cents to the dollar.
21) One result of the second shift is that
Women, on average, have less leisure time than men.
22) Those with the highest risk for becoming infected with HIV are
All of the above
23) Women make up 52 percent of the voting-age population and are more likely to vote, yet
Men dominate the political arena.
24) Which college degree would a woman be more likely to pursue?