Sociology chapter 5 and 6

Robert Butler, ageism
describe misconceptions and myths that lead to age-based discrimination.
What is life expectancy at birth in US?
Trajectories of grief approach
contains resilience, recovery, chronic function, and delayed grief or trauma.
Disengagement theory?
suggest that older people want to be released from societal expectations of productivity and competitiveness.
Functionalist in age inequality
older people wants to disengage even though they are still productive.
Conflict theorist in age inequality
aging itself is not the problem. The problem is rooted in societal conditions that older people often face without adequate resources such as income and housing.
What did the US supreme Court say about sodomy?
engaging in homosexual conduct is a crime. Oral and anal intercourse between persons of same sex.
partners have lived together in a sexual relationship where they assume the same responsibilities as married couples.
Employment Non-discrimination Act
designed to fills gaps in existing state civil rights laws that make LGBT people and their families vulnerable to employment discrimination.
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
gay men and lesbians could serve in the military as long they did not reveal their sexual orientation and refrained from homosexual acts.
What do psychological approaches examine regarding sexual orientation and social equality?
focus primary on how sexual orientation and homophobic are associated with social learning structural factors in the society.
Functionalist in homosexuality
relationship between social structure and sexual oriented. Believe that gay conduct or marriages should not be protected legally.
Conflict perspective in homosexuality
gays and homo’s destabilizes families because they are thought to detach from the idea of marriage in the public view. Ban laws that prohibit sexual acts and pass laws that bans discrimination against homos
Symbolic interactionist in homosexuality
homosexuality is a learned behavior and focuses on the process by which individuals come to identify themselves. Confusion, establishing identity.