Sociology Chapter 14

According to structural functional theory, which of the following is NOT a latent function of education?
Learning mathematics
In the educational system, what is emphasized by teaching rules?
Rules must be obeyed
What theory highlights the effects of a hidden curriculum in the education system?
Conflict theory
Why did the system of compulsory public education grow quickly during the 18th and 19th centuries?
To accommodate the influx of immigrants
When it was founded, Harvard College specialized in which teachings?
Morals and ethics
Found in 1785 as a “seminary of learning”, the University of _____ is the oldest US public university
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When compared to public high schools, what is different about Catholic high schools?
They achieve higher performance form their students
What do critics of I.Q. tests argue?
They measure knowledge of upper-middle-class American culture
Why do increased educational requirements create a hardship for working-class students?
They must invest in additional years of education without ultimately improving their earning power
What do people in the United States believe education will provide?
Upward mobility