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Sociology and Economic Prosperity

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MULTI TOPIC ESSAY 1. Social problems in our society and crimes in our society. 2. Corruption. 3. Social evils. 4. Nepotism. 5. Smuggling. 6. Over population. 7. Population and poverty. 8. Inflation. 9. Dearness. 10. Drug. 11. Sectarianism. 12. Social and economic problems of Pakistan. 13. Economic crises. 14. Mass illiteracy. 15. Beggary. 16. Drug addiction. 17. Bribery. 18. Dowry. 19. Violence. 20. Despair. 21. Depression. 22. Black marketing. 23. Social and economic crises. 24. Indiscipline. 25. Hoarding. 26. Hypocrisy. 27. Injustice. 28. Road side robbery. 29. Provincialism. 30. Religious violence. 1. Ethic violence. 32. Lack of tolerance. 33. Dis unity. 34. Black biting. 35. Un employment. 36. Terrorism. 37. Lawlessness. 38. Violation of fundamental rights. 39. Feudalism or Feudal Repute. 40. Capitalism. 41. Flattery. 42. Health problems. 43. Freedom of press. 44. Tax exclusion. 45. In sufficient Medical facilities. 46. Crushing border of foreign debt. 47. The devastation of currency. 48. Electricity crises. 49. Inflation. 50. Mass illiteracy. OUTLINE. 1. Introduction. 2. The evil impacts and implication of __________. 3. It breeds a lot of social, economic, political and moral problems. . Causes of the _____________. 5. Remedies. 6. Conclusion. __________ has become one of the most embarrassing (tension) and explosive problem all over the world especially in the third world countries like Pakistan. It is full of dangers of devastating dimensions, evil impact, implication of grave and impressive magnitude. ___________ creates instability and demoralization in our nation and in a back flesh it breeds depression and frustration in our society and state. It creates and spreads the feelings of uncertainly and insecurity among the masses. If ________creeps in a society. Read also Sociology and Social Integration.

It eats into its vitals and soon corrodes its inner strength, outer splendour, economic prosperity, social peace and national unity. Consequently, a nation good image is spoiled all over the world. Lawlessness becomes order of the day indiscipline due to poverty, corruption, violence, indiscipline and mass illiteracy. It creates conflict and confrontation. It is not efficiently and properly and checked the entire indicial Marla and economic fabric of nation is close and collapsed. __________ is highly detriment and devastating for a country like Pakistan that has fragile economic and political instability.

If the evil of _________ is not nipped in the bud it may spread rapidly like a bush fire, and may engulf the whole nation or region like an epidemic. __________ has badly shattered the structure of the country. It causes a severe blow to the law of country and supremacy of the constitution is shattered by it. It deprives mass of mental, physical, spiritual, moral and economic prosperity and causes grave concerns for national unity and territorial integrity ________ also paves way for bloody regulations and military take over.

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Sociology and Economic Prosperity

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So every peace loving person who fervently longs and cherished dreams for peace, prosperity and protection must ponder upon causes of social concern of _________. The main causes of _______ are mass illiteracy, poverty, wrong economic policies of the government, people’s insatiable desire to accumulate countless riches and blind multiplication of worldly whishes. _________ creates irresistible, economic pressure on social and economic justice and gulfs have been increased between the lower and upper class.

In a nutshell, mass illiteracy, temptation for ostentation of wealth, lust for power, luxury and comfort are the main causes of ________. Social, religious, linguistic differences also breed conflict and confrontation bias and hatred among the people who in back flesh grow and spread ________. Secondly feudalism, capitalism and unequal distribution of opportunities, un-availability of fundamental rights and liberties spread __________. Thirdly the non-availability of basic necessities and facilities also paves the way to spread _______ in a society or state.

External factors like agents or agencies of hostile neighboring state like India and Russia also play a extol role in spreading ________ in the land of our country in order to destabilize the state and depress the people. It should be the basic and paramount concern of the men at the helm of our affairs as well as the scholars, educationists, Political parties, NGO’s and national mass media to take necessary steps at their levels for the eradication of growing penance of _________ in the best national and human inters.

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