Sociology 13-15

If Joaquin falls and breaks his leg, his doctor will probably use
curative medicine.
The process through which issues that were once seen as personal come to be seen as medical is called
According to the textbook, one problem generated by medical advances that allow people with HIV to live much longer than they used to is that
the fact that people can live longer with HIV may serve as a disincentive for people to protect themselves against it.
A person who is interested in studying why sexually transmitted diseases spread faster in some college sororities and fraternities than others might be interested in:
Which of the following would not be an attribute that leads to a longer life?
being male rather than being female
Allison would like to utilize “concierge medicine,” but she hasn’t signed up. What is the most likely reason?
It is too expensive
What is a food desert?
an area with little access to healthy, fresh food
John’s parents have diabetes, so John should be careful not to eat too much sugar. Unfortunately, there is no grocery store by his house, so every morning he buys donuts from the convenience store. When our individual disease risks are amplified by social factors such as inequality, what is this called?
deprivation amplification
On what basis did Milton Friedman criticize the American Medical Association?
It is a monopoly that artificially restricts the supply of doctors
Which of the following is an example of a locavore?
someone who lives in Maryland and eats food grown in Maryland
If someone calls in sick from work, we would expect them to stay in bed or visit the doctor
the sick role
Which of the following is NOT part of the health care reform bill passed in 2010?
Government officials will choose which doctor a patient can see.
What is rescission?
when insurance companies revoke someone’s coverage after that person gets sick
When Damien went to the doctor, he was asked if he had any previous illnesses. He was also asked questions about his ethnicity, where he grew up, and what religion he practiced. The doctor wanted to make sure that he considered Damien’s background before treating him. This is an example of
cultural competence.
We now have the technology available to keep someone breathing and to keep their heart beating, even if their brain no longer functions. However, there is a debate about whether it is ethical to do so. A sociologist who is interested in studying this conflict would want to research:
Shawn is an athlete, and in a game last week he tore the ACL ligament in his knee. To deal with the pain, he took aspirin and he also got acupuncture. Shawn practiced:
integrative medicine.
Wealthy industrialized countries that do not provide universal health care for their citizens include:
only the United States.
Which of the following claims supports the view that perceptions of health and beauty are shaped by social context, and are not just biological?
Women who would be considered of healthy weight in Senegal are considered overweight in the United States.
Skyler is interested in studying how many people live in New Mexico, what race they are, and where the state is most densely populated. What kind of study research would Skyler do?
The number of deaths in a given year per 1,000 people is referred to as the:
mortality rate.
When a culture transforms over time, the process is called:
social change.
Baby Boom” was a term used to describe the increased number of children born directly after World War II and its impact on current patterns of labor and retirement. This is an example of which factor that leads to social change?
demographic factors
Which of the following was an early theory on collective action that suggested individuals who joined a crowd or mob became “infected” by a mob mentality and lost the ability to reason?
contagion theory
Millions of people watch the Super Bowl at the same time on game day, but they don’t all watch it together-some throw parties while others watch alone. This similar behavior is called
mass behavior.
Jessica used to wear slap-bracelets and bell-bottom jeans. According to the textbook, these are examples of a/an
Which of the following is true concerning a tragedy of the commons?
The benefit is to the individual, but the cost is shared by all
Branimir donates blood every month, even though he has never needed a blood transfusion and he may never need one in the future. He does this because people must be willing to donate even if they’ll never need it in order for the blood donation system to work. This is an example of
public goods dilemma.
Sean is the leader of a social group that meets once a week. The group’s ideological commitment is to promote or resist social change
social movement
Which theory of social movements focuses on the actions of oppressed groups who seek rights and opportunities already enjoyed by others in society
relative deprivation theory
According to Armand Mauss, what happens in the fourth stage in a social movement
The movement declines.
Which of the following U.S. social movements is best seen as a regressive movement?
the Tea Party movement that began in 2009
Alex is leading a regressive social movement. Which of the following would be the one Alex is leading?
a movement that encourages members to downsize in all areas of their lives to return to a simpler approach to life
Pangri wanted a new cell phone. Her parents told her she didn’t need a new cell phone because her old phone still worked, although it didn’t have advanced features like Web access. Pangri shouted in anger, “Technological determinism is part of this society and I need a new phone!” What was she referring to?
the idea that technology plays a defining role in shaping society
The internet was available long before online classes were available. It took schools and universities a while to adapt to the new technology. Why?
cultural lag
The fact that MTV can now be seen in about 166 countries is an example of
cultural diffusion.
When Jarin traveled abroad, she noticed that many youths in Middle Eastern countries were being influenced by the values and goals projected by shows on MTV or in American movies. This could be considered an example of:
cultural imperialism.
When Mychel traveled abroad, she noticed that many places were surprisingly similar to her hometown. The process by which societies lose their uniqueness by becoming increasingly similar is called:
cultural leveling
Jennifer is interested in postmodernity, which focuses on _____________ rather than material things
ideas and cultural debates
The fact that McDonald’s restaurants are now in India can be seen as an example of
cultural leveling.
The dramatic decline in the population of Vietnam due to refugees leaving the country during the Vietnam War is an example of:
The Industrial Revolution led many people to move from __________ areas.
rural to urban
Janine lives in New York City. It is a fairly quick trip for her to get to Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. This network of nearby and closely tied urban areas is
The transformation of the physical, social, economic, and cultural life of formerly working-class or poor neighborhoods into more affluent middle-class communities is called:
Greg lives in a city, so he feels like he has a great deal of freedom and choices. However, sociologists argue that this freedom prevents city dwellers from developing intimate personal relationships or community, a situation that is often referred to as:
The bystander effect contends that during a moment of crisis, the more people present to witness the event,
the less likely anyone will provide assistance
Azka wants to study human populations and their impact on the natural world. This would be called
social ecology
Joe wants to study the interaction between society and the natural environment, including the social causes and consequences of environmental problems. This would be called:
environmental sociology.
Herrica is looking for a renewable resource. Which of the following is an example of a renewable resource?
Which of the following is an example of a nonrenewable resource
Which of the following is true concerning consumption and resource depletion
In 1950, rainforests covered twice as much area as they do today
In 1950, rainforests covered twice as much area as they do today
term describing the operation of modern economic systems that require constant growth, which causes increased exploitation of resources and environmental degradation
Marc was part of the conservation era of the environmental movement, which focused on
the preservation of wilderness areas.
Jessica was part of the modern environmental movement, which focused on:
the environmental consequences of new technology, oil exploration, and nuclear power plants.
To prevent the clearing of a redwood forest in California, July “Butterfly” Hill practiced which form of environmental activism?
conducting a 2-year-long tree sit
Anastacia is part of a grassroots environmental group. This is distinguished from mainstream environmentalism by:
its belief in citizen participation in environmental decision-making.
Ginger is interested in an area’s variety of species of plants and animals existing at a particular time, so she would study that area’s