Sociology 1010

Which of the following is an example of nonmaterial culture?
the set of beliefs held by followers of a particular religion in the United States
How does postindustrial technology differ from the other four levels of technological development as identified by Gerhard Lenski?
Postindustrialism is the only level of development in which economic production makes use of new information technology.
One example of __________ is the South Florida “beach crowd.”
How is the IBM corporation using an awareness of cultural diversity to ensure its success in the global economy?
IBM now provides technical support for its products on Web sites in more than thirty languages.
Sociobiology takes a(n) __________ approach to the study of culture.
Because culture is largely a matter of habit, we repeat many negative patterns of behavior in each new generation.
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Which of the following cultural traits do the United States and Canada have in common?
Both the United States and Canada are multicultural nations.
Mores differ from folkways in that mores __________, whereas folkways __________.
have great moral significance; apply to routine or casual interaction
The United States is the most monocultural of all the high-income countries in the world.
One in __________ people in the United States speaks a language other than English at home.
Which of the following musical styles was the first to be clearly linked to the emergence of a youth culture in the United States?
__________ has long been the dominant language of the Internet, which has helped to spread this language around the world.
In the animal kingdom, only humans rely on __________ to ensure their survival.
The family, funeral rites, and jokes are all examples of __________.
cultural universals
The number of languages spoken around the world is declining.
According to sociologist Robin Williams Jr., people in the United States believe in equality-not equality of condition but rather equality of __________.
According to William Ogburn’s analysis, why might there be vocal opposition to the use of stem cells in medical practice?
New elements of material culture develop faster than new elements of nonmaterial culture.
Which of the following statements is an example of a folkway in our society?
Businessmen should wear ties to work.
The members of a Japanese tour group are enjoying their visit to New York City, where they happily sample unfamiliar foods, shop at the local stores, chat with city residents, and visit popular attractions. In sociological terms, the members of the tour group are practicing ethnocentrism.
Which theoretical approach would most likely lead us to learn that there are fewer women than men in top corporate positions?
Which of the following is an example of an emerging value in the United States?
More people in the United States think it is important to have time off from work to engage in activities such as reading, travel, or community service.
Which of the following societies practices pastoralism?
the Mohai people, who raise cattle and use the meat for food and the hide for clothing and shelter
One reason that people in the United States enjoy fictional “superheroes” is that heroes represent cultural themes that differ from those in our dominant culture. Heroes, then, give people the opportunity to experience different cultures.
Why did anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon experience culture shock when he first encountered the Yąnomamö of South America?
Chagnon was shaken by the fact that their culture was so different from what he expected.
Hakube comes from a small tribe in New Zealand that has no words for the months of the year. When he or his fellow tribe members want to talk about a specific point in time, they describe it in terms of weather. Hakube looks forward to the cool season and dreads the dry season when the days are long and hot. Compare Hakube to Mike, a high school student in Orlando, Florida. Mike looks forward to June, when school is out for the summer and he can go with his friends to the beach, but he dislikes January when it is cold and rainy. How would Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf describe the differences in the realities that Mike and Hakube perceive?
Because their languages differ, Mike and Hakube see the world in a different way. Even though they both experience warm and cool weather, they understand it differently.