Social Psychology Quiz

Following the commands of a person in authority
This term refers to when someone is likely to conform if everyone is behaving the same way
Unanimity of the group
The classic Milgram study is about
You’re walking down the street and hear someone shout “FIRE!” You have to get to your friend’s house soon so you figure one of the many people walking the other way will deal with it. This is an example of
Diffusion of responsibility
When someone does something because of their surroundings it is due to
external causes
Everyone thought Inception was a cool movie, Right? You may be making this error
False-consensus effect
You ignore someone’s request for help as there are many other people around to help them and you are busy. You feel comfortable with yourself and this though due to
In the Sherif study which of the following led participants to change their estimates?
Getting someone to join a cult is easy. First ask for something small and increase the request until they are cult members. This is a demonstration of the
Which of the following was not a situational factor in decreasing obedience?
decreased personal contact with victim
You are attacked by some wicked ninjas and a few rogue pirates. As you lay there bleeding, you hope that ¬there was/were ______________ witness(es) because you understand the bystander effect.
The person driving in front of you is driving super slow. You have many choice words for them, as you think they are stupid and a horrible driver. They soon turn and you notice a pack of toddlers riding their bikes to their day care. You made some interesting attributions toward the driver due to the
Actor-observer bias
You pledge a Fraternity/Sorority when you get to college. They haze you and make you do embarrassing things that you don’t really think are worth doing for these people you just met but you do them anyway. According to Cognitive Dissonance you would
Become very close to your new friends. You endured the hazing so they must have been worth it
Informational social influence refers to
Influence stemming from the need for guidance in situations in which the correct action or judgment is uncertain.
How much would you pay for a week of no homework from any of your classes? $100? $50? How about just $20. Before you decide, consider two weeks for the same price. If you pay within the next five minutes there will be no tests in any class for the next two weeks. This is
The that’s-not-all technique
When people are members of groups, they are willing to do horrible things, like kill other people, that they would not do alone due to
If you feel like you are acing this test then you are smart and studied well, if you are doing poorly then this test is unfair and I asked extremely hard questions. This is the
Self-serving bias
You just met the new student in school and find them extremely attractive and personable. When you hear that they have a bad reputation for using people you ignore it and go out with them anyway, partially due to
primacy effect
In the Asch study, people conformed by
Changing their answer from the correct answer to the one the group picked
In the Milgram Experiment, what percent of the participants shocked the learner with the highest voltage?
Social Psychology is the scientific study of how we influence one another’s
Behavior and thinking
You put a lot of effort into studying for an exam and then find out that the review for the exam is in a group format. During the review you don’t try as hard and neither do your teammates due to
social loafing
When someone does something due to their personality it is referred to as
Internal Causes
A guy can’t pay his mortgage, loses his house, and lives on the streets. This mindset dictates that he deserves to be homeless without considering the fact that he lost his livelihood because he used all of his assets to pay for a life saving surgery for his daughter.
Just world hypothesis
Social Influence refers to changes in a person’s _________induced by the actions of another person.
You go to the store because you heard they were selling all Apple computers for $100. When you get there, they tell you that the less expensive computers were sold out, but you could get a new one for $1000. They used this to get you into the store
The low-ball technique
Acting in accordance with a direct request from another person or group.
I think that you never pay attention so I ask you a question really quickly while speaking softly and you ask me what I said. You proved me right but I unconsciously set you up to fail due to
Self-fulfilling prophecy
What percent of participants conformed at least once in the Asch Study
Normative social influence refers to
influence stemming from our desire to gain the approval and to avoid the disapproval of others.
Fred wanted to vote for his best friend for the position but he quickly put down his hand when no one else voted for Barney. This situation occurred due to which of the following?
Mode of responding
If someone is afraid of commitment, try this. First, ask them for a huge commitment, like pledging their lifelong devotion to your cause. When they deny your request, switch your request to something much smaller, such as a day of assistance to the cause. This is
Door-in-the-face technique
Someone just died in the classroom while I was talking to another teacher outside. As a class, you have to make a quick decision. The majority want to hide the body in the cabinet, while a couple of people want to tell me what happen. The minority decides not to talk and I come in and notice that something is wrong using my ninja senses. This bad decision is caused by
What percent of participants shocked the learner at least once?
You put more effort and try harder when answering a question in front of everyone than when you are just trying to answer a question on the Senteo when it is anonymous due to
Social Facilitation
On the evening news program, they tell their viewers only one side of the story, always slanting it in the same way. The viewers become more extreme in their beliefs due to
group polarization
Attribution is the process by which we explain our own __________and that of others.
A change in behavior and/or belief to act in accordance to a group norm as a result of real or imagined group pressure is called?
You begin to argue with the person in front of you in the line at a store and you both are screaming at the top of your lungs. Later on you are telling the story to a friend about how you were tired from waiting so long in the line, but the other person is just a jerk. This is the
Actor-observer bias
After a handful of drag races against your peers, you brag at being the best driver at the school. Maybe… maybe not, but surely you are making this error
False uniqueness effect

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