Social Psch – Test 2

Studies involving ______ most clearly demonstrate how social influences can take the form of acceptance.
The judgements of the autokinetic phenomenon
How did Asch’s studies of conformity differ from those of Sherif?
Asch’s participants could clearly see the correct judgement
While control participants were correct about line-length judgements more than 99% of the time in Asch’s conformity study, his naive participants conformed to the incorrect judgement of others ____ percent of the time.
According to the text, Asch’s experiments lacked ____ but did possess _______.
mundane realism; experimental relaism
When Milgram asked 100 psychiatrists, college students, and middle-class adults to predict the results of his experiment, the respondents said that they thought ______ would _______.
they themselves; disobey by about 135 volts
In Milgram’s research, when the experimenter gave the commands by telephone instead of in person, full obedience
dropped to 21%
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The relationship between the degree to which a group is cohesive and the degree to which the group has power over its members is a _____ one.
The degree to which personality predicts our behaviors is _____ related to the degree to which social influences predict our behavior.
Which concept can explain the following facts: Patricia Hearst became a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army and later a homemaker; people randomly assigned to be the “boss” in a study solved fewer problems than did those assigned to be the “assistant”; in Zimbardo’s study guards tended to become more coercive over time.
Social Roles
At what point in the study does the “learner” in Milgrams study refuse to answer any additional questions?
300 volts
What percentage of nurses in Hofling et al.’s (1966) study administered an obvious drug overdose when it was called in by an unknown physician?
What percentage of Milgrams participants regretted having participated in the study?
Chartrand and Bargh (1999) found that participants in an experiment who worked alongside another person who occasionally rubbed her face were unwittingly more likely to rub their face. They called this
the chameleon effect
Research on group size and conformity has shown that there is more conformity with
3-5 people than 1-2
Mullen and her colleagues (1990) found that the average baseline jaywalking rate decreases in the presence of a non-jaywalking confederate, especially if the non-jaywalker is well dressed. This is an example of the power of ______ on conformity.
After President Bush announced his position regarding a possible war with Iraq, he was unlikely to change his mind. This most likely reflects the
fact that public