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Social Networking Sites

PROJECT SYNOPSIS Project Title: Study on how social networking sites effect lives of people Project Guide: Group: Introduction The social networking sites are gaining a lot of popularity these days with almost all of the educated youth using one or the other such site.These have played a crucial role in bridging boundaries and crossing the seas and enabling them to communicate on a common platform.

It has become a popular and a potential mean for them to stay friends with the existing ones and to grow up their social circle at least in terms of acquaintances.The question regarding the safety, privacy and the legal issues have been cropping up all this time.

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Through this research we try to find out the impact of these networking sites on the personal and professional lives of people using them. It is a very subjective question to answer and is very opinion based and the same is reflected in the research methodology adopted by us.

The report is initiated with the definition of the objective followed with the research methodology used along with the research design, sample size, methods used for the purpose of conducting survey. It also incorporates the sampling frame and the data collection procedure. Subsequent to this is the Introduction to the networking sites along with a brief description of the most popular sites. Then the issues of concern which have come up along the way in all these years since these sites gained popularity are discussed.

The various issues and concerns of the respondents are also incorporated there. The next part of the research has the literature surveys which are the articles we took up from the published reports. We then analyzed and interpreted the data at length. The last part deals with the suggestions and recommendations that the group has come up with after carefully analyzing and incorporating the opinion of all concerned. Objective of the study

In this age of globalization, the world has become too small a place thanks to the electronic media and portals. Communication has become effective as never before thanks to the advent of internet. The social networking sites have also played a crucial role in bridging boundaries and crossing the seas and bringing all people at a common platform where they can meet like minded people or find old friends and communicate with them. It has become a potential mean to relation building and staying in touch with all known.

Hence the objective that we wanted to achieve through our research is to: Find out the influence of social networking sites on the personal and professional life of the people- how it affects their relations, what are its uses for each individuals and how have they been influenced by these sites. Methodology The primary methods of data collection that is questionnaire technique was used to collect the data required. Respondents include both male and female. Convenience sampling method has been adopted under the non-probability sampling technique and about 100 samples have been collected for the study.

Statistical Tools For Analysis The collected data has been analyzed using percentage analysis and diagrams. LIMITATION OF THE STUDY 1) The study has been conducted over a period of 3 months & respondents have been restricted to 100. CHAPTER SCHEME Chapter I It gives a brief introduction about the study, objective, methodology & limitation of the study. Chapter II This chapter includes the literature review Chapter III It covers the analysis and interpretation of the collected data. Chapter IV It covers the various findings and suggestions of the study along with the conclusion.

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