Social influence

the presence of others Blank a person performance on well learned tasks and Blank a person performance on unmastered tasks
improves hinders
accepting others opinions about reality is to Blank as the desire to gain approval is to Blank
informational social influence and normative social influence
an eagerness to believe that victims of a natural disaster are being punished by god for their sins
the just world phenomenon
luella publicly agrees with her seventh grade classmates that parents should allow 13 yrs old to date
normative social influence
the presence of others does not always lead to social facilitation
arousal encourages performance of the most likely response
the impact of our actions on our attitudes is best illustrated by the
foot in the door phenomenon
after 3 months of riding the 8;30 bus to work cindy has actually started to feel
mere exposure effect
the tendency to favor members of ones own group is likely when people are formed into distinguishable groups
any of the above
social loafing is most likely among
audience members who are asked to applaud after a speaker is introduced
darley and latane
limited feelings of responsibility
social trap is a situation in which
pursuit of self interests leads to collective harm
after manny father refused to let him use the family car on friday night
frustration aggression principle
social loafing has been found to be especially noticeable among Blank in cultures that value Blank
men and individualism
continuing to operate a fuel inefficient car despite warnings about the effect of greenhouse gases
social trap
which of the following ppl would be most likely to help gita study for her history exam
gitas mother
montel a white college student
scapegoat theory
kentaro hates to wear ties
normative social influences
carol is restless during class
fundamental attribution error
which of the following proverbs is most clearly supported by research on social attraction
birds of a feather flock together
the predictability rather than the frequency of CS-UCS associations appears to be
cognitive processes
childrens tendency to classify behavior and personality traits in terms of masculine and famine categories
gender schema theory
sam a junior in high school
the tragic murder of kitty genovese
individuals who believe that the death penalty should be abolished
even more convinced that the death penalty should be abolished
we have a tendency to explain the behavior of others in terms of Blank and to explain our own behvaiors
personality and situational
which theory best explains why our actions can lead us to modify our attitudes
2 factor theory
ksana insists that her boyfriend car accident
dispositional attribution
violent pornographic often perpetuate the myth
may women enjoy aggressive sexual encounters
which of the following comments is most likely to be made in a group characterized by group think
we all seem to be in basic agreement
extinction occurs when a Blank is no longer paired with a Blank
which of the following processes most obviously operates in groupthink
group polarization