soc final

The chapter-opening story of Rosa Yniguez, who came from Mexico to live and raise her three children in California, makes the point that
She has less kids in order to get ahead.
The family is a social institution that is found in
all societies that unites people in cooperative groups to care for one another
Which of the following are typically traits of marriage?
endogamy, exogamy, monogamy, polygamy
A family composed of one or two parents and their children is called
A system of marriage that unites one woman with two or more men is called
Assume you were visiting a society in which people traced family ties only through women. This society would correctly be called
matrilineal descent
To which region of the world would you travel if you wanted to visit many countries where the law permits polygamy?
Africa & Southern Asia
According to the structural-functional approach, which of the following is counted among the tasks of the family?
1. socialization
2. social placement
3. material and emotional security
4. regulation of sexual activity
A social-exchange analysis of family life is likely to consider
individual experience of family life
Social conflict and feminist theories explain that families perpetuate social inequality in U.S. society through
1. propery and Inheritance
2. Patriarchy
3. race and Ethnicity
In traditional regions of many lower-income countries, such as Sri Lanka, marriage
is arranged
What is the effect of industrialization on the number of children in a typical family?
number of children is less
Patterns that describe many Latino families include
control over children’s courtship, gender roles,prizing machismo among men, treating women with respect but under close supervision.
Regardless of race, families headed by single women are
more often than men
The recent trend in racially mixed marriages has been
getting married at an older age
Research shows that growing up in a single-parent family
increases a women’s risk of poverty
Durkheim pointed to three functions of religion for society
1. establishing social cohesion
2. promoting social control
3. providing meaning and purpose
Max Weber carried out historical analysis of the rise of the Industrial Revolution and capitalism that linked this change to
Calvinism- a movement within the protestant reformation
A charismatic leader is most likely to be found in which of the following?
A Sect
Animism is the belief that
elements of the natural world are conscious life forms that affect humanity
In low-income nations, most education is a matter of
Getting into college in Japan, compared to the United States, is more a matter of
passing exams
In the United States, the focus of education has always been
mass education
Jonathan Kozol criticizes the U.S. educational system for
As income-level goes up among U.S. families, we find that
there is more access to higher education
Which of the following categories of the U.S. population has the highest dropout rate?
The problem of functional illiteracy means that
people lack reading and writing skills needed for every day living
Society shapes human health because
cultural patterns define health, cultural standards change over time, society’s technology and social equality affect peoples health
In the world’s poorest nations today life expectancy is about
During the early decades of the industrial revolution
rapid growing cities had poor sanitation, factories fouled the air with smoke, and work place accidents were common
Demography is defines as
the study of human population
In global perspective the crude birth rate of high income nations such as the US is
Why are sex ratios usually below 100?
because on average women, outline men
If you were to examine an age-sex pyramid for a low-income nation, you would expect to see which of the following patterns?
the pyramid is wide at the bottom (reflecting higher birth rates) and narrows quickly but what we call middle age (due to higher mortality)
If a nation has a sex ratio of 108, as India does, it is very likely that parents there
value sons more than daughters
Throughout most of human history, families had many children because
human labor was the key to productivity
When in history did global population begin to spike upward?
the year 1750
When did the world’s population reach 1 billion?
Thomas Robert Malthus claimed that
population increase would bring chaos to the world
The concept “zero population growth” refers to the level of reproduction that
mountains population at a steady level
The concept of modernity refers to changes in social patterns brought on by which of the following?
the industrial revolution
Which of the following concepts refers to changes brought on by the Information Revolution?
post modernity
Social change is almost always
Sociologists point out that
social change is inevitable
Sociologists explain that the consequences of social change are
positive and negative
The coins we use today were devised in the Middle East centuries ago. This is an example of which of the following?
Karl Marx highlighted which of the following in the process of social change?
modernization which reflects a complex theory of capitalism
Max Weber’s thesis on the Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism highlighted the importance of which of the following in the process of social change?
Collective behavior involves action that often
involves a large number of people that is unplanned, controversial and sometimes dangerous
Social movements are defined as
organized activities that encourage or discourage change

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