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People with lower social standing in the US tend to be ______ on social issues and ______ on economic issues
conservative; liberal
What Weber called the “routinization of chrisma” involves charismatic authority:
transforming into some combination of traditional authority and rational-legal authority
A totalitarian political system
concentrates power and closely regulates peoples lives
Max Weber defined power as
the ability to achieve desired ends, despite resistance
The concept “oligopoly” refers to
domination of a market by a few producers
Compared to socialist economic systems, capitalist economic systems are typically
More productive
Sector generates raw materials directly from natural environment
Primary sector
In 2013, what percent of worlds people lived in countries that can be considered politically “free”
Contrasted to socialist economic systems, capitalist econ systems typically
Generate MORE social inequality
Which of Webers types of authority rests on extraordinary personal abilities that inspire devotion in followers
charismatic authority
Which refers to economy based on computer technology
Post industrial economy
Which of the following about Information Revolution is NOT correct
There was a shift from farming to turning raw materials into finished products
Socialism is an economic system in which there is
Collective control of production
What country best exemplifies a system of state capitalism
In general, terrorism is the strategy favored by
Weak organizations against a stronger foe
Terrorism has been called a new kind of warfare because
It lacks clearly stated objectives and its not about controlling territory
The concept “global economy” refers to
economic activity that moves across national borders
A conglomerate is
a giant corporation composed of many smaller corporations
The post-industrial economy is defined by
Service work largely based on computer technology
Socialist societies base their claim to democracy on
Meeting the basic needs of all
Politics is a social instituion thats defined in terms of
the distribution of power and societal decision making
The use or threat of violence as a political strategy by and individual or group
ch 13
Research shows that growing up in a single parent family
can disadvantage children
Sociological analysis of religion is concerned with
understanding patterns of religious activity and their affect on society
In the US a recent trend involving parenting is
more adults are delaying having kids or remaining childless
Following Emily Durheim, we would define as profane things we understand
In terms of their everyday usefullness
In the US romantic love
-Is the reason most expect to marry
-Not very stable foundation for marriage
-May contribute to high divorce rate
Karl Marx believes that religion
Supports social inequality
The family is a social influence
found in every society
Industrial society’s use which system to trace ancestry?
Bilateral Descent
System of marriage that unites only 2 partners
System if marriage that unites one woman with 2 or more men
Reasons for rise in divorce rates in the US
-Rising individualism
-Romantic love often fades
-More women are less econ. dependent on men
In the US family violence is
Serious, often criminal problem
Regardless of race, families headed by single woman are
at high risk for poverty
What are typically traits of marriage
-legal relationship
-sexual activity and child bearing
-economic cooperation
Effect on industrialization on the number of children in typical families
Families have fewer children
Religious organization that is well integrated into larger society
Todays baby boomers are often called the “sandwhich generation” because
spend time caring for both children and aging parents
Religious organization that is largely outside a societys cultural traditions
Describing the lives of working class women, Lillian Rubin said that the typical woman said she wanted a husband who
had a steady job and was not violent
Social conflict and feminist theories explain that families perpetuate social inequality In US society though
-inheritance of private property
-encourageing patriarchy
-passing on racial and ethnic inequality
Which is NOT a trait of religious fundamentalism?
Accepting religious pluralism
Following Emily Durkheim, the ordinary elements of everyday life are considered to be
The dominant residential form in the US?
In the South, the largest number of protestants are of what denomination?
Max Weber linked the rise of industrial capitalism to
Calvinist religious doctrine
Family composed of one or 2 parents and their children
According to stuctural functional approach, the family,
Is important enough to be called the backbone of society
Jesse Bernard claimed women would be happier if men did not expect them to do all the house work
In todays high income nations, children are
an economic liability
Disengagement Theory
Society remains orderly by disengaging older people from positions of responsibilty
belief in many gods
Main purpose of marriage
bearing and raising children
Marriage between people of the same social category
A Charismatic leader is most likely to be found in a
Activity Theory
A high level of activity enhances personal satisfaction in old age
The study of aging and the elderly
Family with parents, children, as well as other kin
Extended family
Political system in which a single family rules from generation to generation
Mounting research suggests that cohabitation
may actually discourage marriage
Ch 14
From social conflict POV, capitalism fails to support human health because
It makes quality of care dependent on income
Functions of schooling include
-socializing the young
-cultural innovation
-help to integrate a diverse society
True about gender and health
women generally have better health than men
Ideas about health can serve as a type of social control illustrated in idea that
-a woman would risk health to goto college
-a competitive way of life is healthy
-homosexuality is “sick” even though its biologically natural
What disease is the biggest killer in todays high income nations
Heart Disease
In the worlds poorest nations, life expectancy is as low as
50 years old
Research shows college women believe
being thin is the key to being attractive
In his structural functional analysis, Talcott Parsons claimed society responds to illness by
using the “sick role” to relieve ill people of many daily responsibilites
How many of worlds people suffer from serious illness caused by poverty?
1 Billion
Who of the US population has the highest life expectancy
White women
Which of the following categories of US population has the highest dropout rate
In Western Europe and North America, scientists began to understand the causes of infectious diseases at what poiint in history
In the US today, approx what % of people over the age of 25 have earned a 4 year college degree
31 %
Approx. what % of US adults are overweight
64 %
At what point in history had a majority of adults in the US earned a high-school diploma?
the mid 1960’s
Magnet schools encourage
students to specialize in specific areas of study
As income-level goes up among families, we find that
the share of children going to college goes up
According to Theodore Sizer, bureacracy harms schooling by
-imposing uniformity on culturally diverse schools
-emphasizing test scores anf other numerical ratings
-expecting all students to progress at the same rate
In the US, the most widespread health problem related to eating is which of the following?
Which is an example of chronic illness

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