Soc 12-16

The family is a social institution that is found…
every society
what is the term sociologist use for a group containing parents, children, and other kin?
sociologist claim that marriage in the US follows the principle of homogamy, which means that partners are
people who are socially alike in terns of class, age, and race
which theoretical approach helps us see that people select partners who have about the same to offer as they do?
social- exchange approach
In the US, many Latino families are characterized by
a strong extended kinship, parents exerting a great deal of control over their children’s courtship, and traditional gender roles
what term did Emilie Durkheim use to describe the everyday aspects
Maz Weber’s famous thesis states that particular religious ideas set in motion a wave of change that resulted in
the industrial revolution and the rise of capitalism
which type of religious organization is more integrated into the larger society
About what share of the US population claims to identify with a religious tradition
the term secularization refers to which of the following
a decline in the importance of religion and the sacred
in the US and in other countries, laws requiring all children to attend school were enacted following
the industrial revolution
Japan differs from the Us in that attending college there depends more on
scores on achievement tests
according to the structural-functional approach, schooling carries out the task of
linking together a diverse population with common morns and values, creating new elements of culture, and socializing young people
social-conflict analysis highlight how education
reflects and reinforces social inequality
the importance of community colleges to US higher education is reflected in the fact that they
greatly expand the opportunity to attend college, enroll more than 40 percent of US college students, and enroll almost half of all African American and Hispanic college students
health is a social issue because
cultural patterns define what people view as healthy, social inequality affects peoples health, and societies technology affects peoples health
in the very poorest nations of the world today, a majority of people die before reaching
their teens
greatest cause of death among young people in US
in the US, greatest preventable cause of death
cigarette smoking
what share of US adults are overweight
the economy is the social institution that guides
the production of goods and services, distribution of goods and services, and consumption of goods and services
building houses and making care are examples of production in which economic sector
secondary sector
3 factors that is a result of the globalization of the economy
certain areas of the world specialize in one sector of economic activity, industrial jobs in US are being lost to other countries, and more and more products pass through several nations before reaching the consumer
socialist economies differ from capitalist economies by
creating more economic equality
the largest 2,568 corporations, each with assets exceeding 2.5 billion dollars, represent about what share of all corporate assets in the US
80 percent
modern societies, including the US, rely mostly on which type of authority
rational-legal authority
in which type of political system does power reside in the hands of the people as a whole
in the 2008 US presidential election, about what share of registered voters actually cast a vote
63 percent
the Marxist political-economy model suggest that
an antidemocratic bias is built into the capitalist system
what war resulted in the highest loos of life to people in US
civil war
Sociologist use the term modernity to refer to social patterns that emerged
after the industrial revolution
common causes of social change
invention of things ideas, and social patterns, diffusion from one culture system to another, and discovery of existing things
Karl Marx highlighted the importance of which of the following factors in the process of social change
social conflict
Max Weber’s Analysis of the rise of rational, modern society highlighted the importance of which of the following factors in the process of social change
which term did Ferdinand Tonnies use to describe a modern society
according to Emilie Durkheim. modern societies have
an increasing division of labor
the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill is one recent case of
technological disaster
modernity as a mass society
kinship ties have become weaker, bureaucracy, including government, has expanded in size, and people experience greater moral uncertainty about how to live
sociologist who describe modernity in terns of class-society theory focus on what
the rise of capitalism
David Riesman described the other-directed social character typical of modern people as
eagerness to follow the latest fashions and fads
which social institution is widely considered to have the greatest effect on society as a whole
the economy
the social thinker whose ideas most supported the operation of the free-market economy
adam smith
an example of a European country with a mostly private economy and extensive social welfare
US population showing the greatest labor-force increase in percentage
Hispanic women
which nations in the world today claim to be democratic
high income
what is an economic issue
least likely to vote
the family is a social institution that is found in
every society
task of the family according to structural-fuctional approach
socialization of the young, social placement, regulation of sexual activity
most difficult transition in married life
death of a spouse
regardess of race, families headed by single women are
at high risk for poverty
compared to what it was a century ago, the US divorce rate is
three times higher
Durkheim pointed to three functions of religion, what are they
fostering social cohesion, providing social control, providing meaning and purpose
the priesthood, a specialized occupation in charge of a large religious organization, first developed in which type of society
factors of divorce
individualism, romatic love fades, women are less dependent, marriage is stressful, acceptable, easy
in US there is ___ of teachers
highest dropout rate
latent function of schooling
child care
chrond illness
STDs infects 24 million teens and adults
common way US pays for medical bills
private insurance
what type of learning does US favor
practice – prepares for the future
social change is almost always
common causes of social change
discovery of existing things, invention of new things, and diffusion from one culture to another
Karl Marx highlighted what is social change
social conflict
Durkheim’s greatest concern about modern society’s focused on
increasing productive specilzation
class-society theory of modernity is based on who
Karl Marx
sociologist explain that the consequences of social change are