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Snowman Living Conditions in Oryx and Сrake

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Snowman living conditions are as follows he sleeps on a metal cot with mattress, he is homeless, and he drinks water with twigs and dirt in it from a runoff. 2. Snow man revises some of his thoughts in the chapter the voice because he misses human to human contact and he keeps hearing different woman voices in his head. 3. Snowman Is like the abominable snowman because he is mysterious, alone, and thinks he is an urban legend. 4. Can't find words ;you did this;. 5.

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Snowman Living Conditions in Oryx and Сrake

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Animals were being burned in the bond fire witnessed by young Jimmy, they were being burned because of the disease. 6. The confrontations are important between Jimmy parents in the bond fire chapter because it got Jimmy out of trouble for burning his hair. 7. The goal of the pigeon prove that at organic farms was to grow extra organs so they will have spares when the need them. 8. Ramona is one of Jimmy dad's coworkers what Jimmy notices about her is that she is much younger than Jimmy's father and that she inquired about Jimmy's mother although. The planeloads are the cities. The compounds are much different from the cities they are protected, don't have diseases in them, and have a lot more security. 10. I think Jimmy's mother means that she thinks she Is infected but not by the same virus but something that isn't contagious or dangerous and it affects her own mental ability.

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