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The small crowd beside the bus had an atmosphere of excitement

The small crowd beside the bus had an atmosphere of excitement. I was one of them. We just got down the busy train, leaving us with another 5 hours of our journey to our destination.

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The trip was to the southern part of the Indian rainforest. The air was moist and there was a sudden drizzle. So we quickly got inside the bus. After every one was inside there was check to see whether anyone was left behind. The bus was noisy, every one were talking to each other about the thrill. We began our long journey into the rainforest.

Every one felt irritated due to the humidity in the air. The teachers who came with were also excited about the trip. After a while there was no sign of any people as we entered into the rainforest; there was no trace of any other vehicle either except a motorcycle, leading us. It was a totally deserted area. The trees and bushes on either side of the road were monstrous and they spread wide. In some places they were steep slopes, which were so deep and dark that we couldn’t see the ground below. We unexpectedly stopped. I didn’t know why at first then they told it was because we had to have lunch. The lunch was horrible as it was cold. After that we got into the bus. Then slowly we all settled and the bus was again on the road.

On the way we saw many waterfalls but we couldn’t define its beauty because they were very far away. Then a boy suddenly shouted out ‘Dam’ no one understood him at first then he repeated it by saying there is a dam. Every one gazed it for a long time. Some took snaps of it. It was huge and its reflections looked beautiful. We were then told that there was another hour of our journey left. Most of them slept including me due to the tiredness of journeying.

After a while my friend woke me up saying that we arrived at the destination. I was excited as well as exhausted like everyone. I had to get up. We took our bags and started to walk towards the tents, which were situated in a plateau. I had a heavy luggage behind my back like most of them. The ground was uneven in the beginning then it was a sudden steep slope upwards. We had to walk very carefully otherwise we would slip and fall. They made a path by few slates of shapeless granite. Beside the path were wild bushes.

It took us more than 5minutes to reach to the top. When we reached it was very dark and we could hardly see the ground clearly. They told us to form a queue and then we were separated into four groups. We were taken inside the house, which was beside the tents. It just had a big hall and a kitchen in the corner. We were told about the rules and regulations. Then we all were shown our way to the tents though we didn’t sleep in the tents, as it was the first night. We changed into night ware and left our baggages in the tents. The ground was muddy making our bags very dirty underneath. After every one had their dinner we were immediately send to sleep. Though no one did as every one had the excitement in their minds thinking what was going to happen in the next few days. We all slept together. At first it was very noisy then slowly it became pin drop silence.

Everyone was made to get up by 5 in the morning and was told to freshen up. We couldn’t see much as the sun did not rise completely by that time. And when it did it become foggy. There were five tents in total as there were many girls and boys. There was a water tank opposite to the tents. Behind the house were the toilets. In between the toilets and the tents there was a small house which contained things required for canoeing, rock climbing, treasure hunting, nature trivia and camping. Surrounding us were trees and bushes, which were so thick that we couldn’t see through. Later we were told briefly of our plan for the days beyond.