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Sky High

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Good morning teacher and fellow students. The idea that we continue on as we are: unchanged, unchanging is unbelievably illogical. In a time and world where things are constantly changing, it is impossible to be in existence without being affected by the process of change. Changes are inevitable, and they are happening everywhere around us. In our stimulus booklet, it is evident that changes are a major part in everyone’s lives, this is best portrayed in the story “Sky High”. This story is filled with strong imagery, based on the clothesline in the author’s childhood memories.

The author mesmerize her childhood memories of the clothesline, and how she used to pretend what it is, how the clothes are like signal flags and also how much fun she used to have with it. As the author matures in her perspective, her views about the past starts to change and she no longer sees the clothes line through a child’s naive, imaginative view, but now sees it as a memory, and just a tool which she her self uses. The author is able to perceive the two different perspectives and compare them. As we can now see, change is a part of growing up, of maturing and going forward, just like Hannah Robert, the author of “Sky High”.

The prescribed text I’m here to present you with is “The Great Gatsby”. Nick Caraway the narrator in the story is the one who we are focusing on the change which he goes through. Nick in the beginning wants to chase after the “great American dream” like everyone else. He then realizes, how low the people were in achieving that goal, this could be seen when Jordan was cheating while playing golf. He also saw the carelessness these people have in doing things. They are only skin deep in who they are, like the main person described in the story, Gatsby, who is only known for his money and by his name, but not by who he really is.

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At the end, Nick realizes all this and changes his views on the Great American Dream, and realizes that it is only an expression of materialism. This took him a step further in life, as he changed his views, and helped him grow as a person. The last text I want to present to you with is “Looking for Alibrandi”. We noticed a number of changes that occurred in the story, which affected the lives of the Alibrandis within the 3 generations. We see a strong bond between Josie and Christina in the story because she was raised by a single parent.

Josie was greatly influenced by her mother for decision-making and had a biased opinion about her father. But soon after she had personal contact with him, she comes to realization that he wasn’t so bad after all. The relationship between the 3 generations was also a disaster. Josie was often irritated by her grandmother, Katia at the beginning of the story but as she journeys through and discovers the real Nonna with the great sacrifices she made for them, Josie learnt to respect her and at the same time changed her perspective about her.

As we can all see, changes are inevitable and unavoidable, they are constantly taking place in our lives no matter whether they have a good or bad impact upon us and there is no denying in its existence. Changes can be seen with our own eyes, as it occurs, we change physically all the time with our appearances, the way we look, the way we dress, and to keep up to date with the fashion and change with the crowd that is ever evolving so we are not a left over.

We can change mentally, as we go through life, because of all the emotions that are constantly rushing through us, which also effects and changes our mood as well as our way of socializing with other people. If we say that we will continue on as we are, unchanged and unchanging, it is also like saying that we are frozen in a space of time and everything else around it, because changes comes with time, and if there is no change, then time would no longer exist.

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