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A day I will never forget One day I will never forget would be September first 2014. That was the day that Is made the volleyball team. I was eager to tryout since my friends and I did It last year. Everyday I had to wake up at six o clock In the morning and play volleyball. The coaches made us run a mile, pass to the target, serve, and set. After the first day of tryouts were over I went to straight to Walter and bought a volleyball.

That night I practiced and watched volleyball videos on youth working on everything that we did in tryouts. During the tryouts I had to deal with negative people who didn't want to play with me because last year in 7th grade I wasn't all that great. It really hurt my feelings that people didn't want to play on the same team with because of last year. Sometimes those girls made me go to the point where I just didn't want to do tryout anymore because they were so mean and made me feel bad.

When tryouts started this year I was determined to make the a team; I had to make it. Through tryouts I striver to be a better volleyball player and a better athlete. When I did really good and got my serves over I would pass to the target the coaches would tell me good Job or keep It up. When they said that It made me want to do better. So I did what they said and kept It up.

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