Silent Planet Study Guide

protagonist, middle aged, professor- views change about space when he is kidnapped(dynamic)
– antagonist, clever and intelligent, manipulative, wealthy, power-hungry, interest in gold, likes drinking, dislikes Ransom, went to school with Ransom, flashy and show-off-y,shady character, greedy, views change about the hnau seeing them as rational as them(dynamic)
antagonist, a physicist, bad temper, dislikes Ransom, interested in the gold, prideful, degrades human life has a rough personality and physically is much stronger and bigger, views change about the hnau seeing them as rational as them(dynamic)
shaped like otters, thick coat dark brown/black, expressive eyes, are social creatures, live in villages & families,have young (cubs), experts at fishing and navigating boats, good swimmers, value poetry and songs -gives them a chance to share their knowledge,work the land and grow some food, they boil a lot of their food, sees the sorns as very wise, but not valuing art in the same way they see the pfifltriggi as good workers who draw pictures — but, the pictures don’t mean as much to the hrossa as their songs and poems
tall, thin creatures with downy-like feathers, mostly white and very pale, lanky, very tall (over 10 feet), shaped like men, good stamina, scientific and like to think things through, solitary creatures, independent, kind,shepherds makes cheese, think the hrossa aren’t as intelligent as the sorns, see the hrossa as the beings who live on the land; they see the pfifltriggi as good, but they are workers/doers and not thinkers, MOST HUMAN LIKE
look like frogs, they do wear something, yellow and shabby looking, kind of looks like a shrew, very short, put their elbows on the ground as a way to support their hands, creative and artistic (make sculptures, buildings, portraits, which they do through etching), are able to take ideas and put them into art for the purpose of remembering, very impatient, they value their females more than the other species do, they don’t fight with the others , view sorns as wise & thinkers,view the hrossa as fellow artists
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Mystical planet that Weston and Devine take Ransom to, has less gravity, more gold, mystical plants and creatures
A sorn who saves Ransom from near death on his freezing mountain-top, asks him many questions about Earth, and carries him to Meldilorn to meet Oyarsa.
First hross that Ransom meets, teaches Ransom about Malacandra and its culture, is killed by Weston and Devine
valley- where hrossa live
highland- where sorns live
angels & guardians of Malacandra
Bent One
Maleldil the Younger
Out of a Silent Planet
By C.S. Lewis, 1938, 224 pgs.
Point of View
3rd Person omniscient
English name for Malacandria