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The new Italian kingdom established in 1861
was, to a significant degree, the result of the diplomatic and political work of Cavour and the military actions of Garibaldi.
By 1871, all of the following are correct about great Britain except:
the largest political party was the Labour Party.
The first Mexican emperor was
Agustín de Iturbide.
Fought between 1858 and 1861, Mexico’s War of Reform was a conflict between
a liberal government and an entrenched Catholic clergy.
Emiliano Zapata
was second husband of Florence Nightingale.
By 1900, the world’s richest nation and greatest industrial power was
the United States.
The basis of Latin American wealth, social prestige, and power throughout the nineteenth century was
After the nations of Latin America gained their independence in the nineteenth century, their economies became dominated by the
An example of a Post-Impressionist painter is
Vincent van Gogh.
Which of the following was not an incentive to promote mass education?
The German policy of restricting literacy to the upper and middle classes.
The following were true about compulsory elementary education except that it
sparked revolution in Germany against Otto von Bismarck.
Charles Darwin presented a theory of evolution that
stated that all living things are involved in a struggle to survive.
Among the first British colonies in West Africa was
Gold Coast.
The Tokugawa Shogunate maintained formal diplomatic relations only with
the Dutch.
China’s last emperor was
Which of the following pairs, naming the European power and its African holding, is not correct?
Germany – Congo.
In assessing the impact of nineteenth-century imperialism, it can accurately be said that
the consequences of imperialism are more complex than was earlier believed
All of the following statements about Zanzibar are true except that it was
the main African port in the early 19th century.

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Imperialistic activity in Africa
caused a good deal of international rivalry as illustrated by Union and South Africa
The “spheres of influence”
were in part the result of local Chinese strongmen selling exclusive economic privileges to foreign gov and their merchants.
As a result of German acquisition of the Shandong Peninsula, all of the following occurred except
it was obvious that the dismemberment of China was impossible.
The leader of the Meiji restoration accomplished all of the following except
gave the emperor absolute power since he was a divine descendant of the sun goddess.
The Russo-Japanese war
was initiated by a Japanese surprise attack on the Russian naval base at Port Arthur.
Which of the following could be considered the most striking difference between the French and British political systems between 1875 and 1914?
The multi-party system under the Third Republic produced much less political stability than the two-party system in Britain.
The cities whose populations grew from 17,300 to 1,700,000 and from 960,000 to 6,500,000 during the 1800s were
Berlin and London
Sigmund Freud
challenged the 19th century belief in progress with his stress on irrational and unconscious.
Japanese culture during the Meiji Restoration
was characterized by a period of fascination with western art followed by a period of reaction, during which artists searched for for authentic Japanese modes of statement.
In the second half of the 19th century
a Frenchman built the Suez Canal, but it ultimately came under British control.
The most multinational state in Europe in the nineteenth century and thus the one most threatened by the new ideology of nationalism was
The “Eastern Question” in the nineteenth century concerned the fate of
Ottoman Empire.
Which of the following did not play a crucial role in making Britain the site of the first Industrial Revolution?
Over ninety-five percent of the population was literate.
Industrial development in the United States before 1870
included an efficient transportation network.
The key figure of Russian industrialization was
Sergei Witte.
Marxist revisionists believe that
workers should organize mass political parties.
A country which was forced to reduce its industrial production by a more powerful competitor was
The emancipation of the Russian serfs
required that the former serfs pay for their freedom in installments.
By prudently purchasing European arms, the king of this African state was able to soundly defeat the Italian attempt at colonial takeover
Steam power
was originally used to pump water from mines.
Karl Marx believed that all of human history was the story of
the class struggle.
The most multinational state in Europe in the nineteenth century, and thus the one most threatened by the new ideology of nationalism, was
The basic purpose of the Concert of Europe was to
maintain conservative political control over Europe.
The Meiji Constitution of 1890, with placed authority within the executive branch of the government, was modeled on the government of
European nations sought to obtain the following products from their colonies in Africa and Asia in the 19th century
oil, tin and rubber.
Colonial policies reflecting a relative lack of racist attitudes, and the revolutionary belief in the universality of human nature, were practiced by
The Boer War
was the result of the discovery of gold and diamonds in the Boer-held Transvaal region.
Sun Yat-Sen
created the Tongmenghui/Revolutionary Alliance.