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Students will appreciate the multi-disciplinary nature of societal issues such as technology, communication, the internet. Students will explore the scientific, social, economic, political and artistic nature of technology-related challenges facing society. Finally, students will continue to take charge of your own liberal arts education. This ours requires a significant amount of self-discipline and independent motivation. To get the most out of this course, students must put their own best effort into the course.

The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think-? rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with the thoughts of other men. John Dewey "We should never lose our zest for living, our excitement and enthusiasm, our curiosity, our desire to know. The person who does is certainly blind to the world, its miracles and possibilities, and one's own possibilities. Earl Nightingale Academic Integrity Policy Students of the university must conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standards of academic honesty and integrity.

Failure to maintain academic integrity will not be tolerated. The following definitions are provided for understanding and clarity. Definitions of Plagiarism, Cheating and Academic Dishonesty Student plagiarism is the deliberate presentation of the writing or thinking of another as the student's own. In written or oral work a student may make fair use of quotations, ideas, images, etc. , that appear in others' work only if the student gives appropriate credit to the original authors, thinkers, owners or creators of that work. This includes material found on the internet and in electronic databases.

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Cheating entails the use of unauthorized or prohibited aid in accomplishing assigned academic tasks. Obtaining unauthorized help on examinations, using prohibited notes on closed-note examinations, and depending on others for writing of essays or the creation of other assigned work are all forms of cheating. Academic dishonesty may also include other acts intended to misrepresent the authorship of academic work. Deliberate acts threatening the integrity of library materials or the smooth operation of laboratories are among possible acts of academic dishonesty.

Sanctions for Violations of Academic Integrity If an instructor determines that a student has violated the academic integrity policy, the instructor may choose to impose a sanction, ranging from refusal to accept a work product to a grade "F" for the assignment to a grade "F" for the course. When a sanction has been imposed, the instructor will inform the student in writing. The instructor must also inform the student that she/he has the right to appeal this inaction, and refer the student to the Academic Appeals Process described in the Bulletin of the Rosary College of Arts and Sciences.

The instructor will send a copy of this letter to the Dean of the Rosary College of Arts and Sciences. The Dean will note whether a student has committed multiple violations of the academic integrity policy over time, and in such cases the Dean may institute a process leading to possible further sanctions, including suspension or expulsion from the university... Mutual Respect in the Discussion Forums An atmosphere of mutual respect and courtesy will be maintained in the discussion forums. The teacher and students will respond politely and civilly to any opinions expresses by any member of the class.

Disruptive and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. A warning for disruptive behavior will be given. After three warnings a student will be asked to withdraw from the course. Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties. Erich From LASSES Tentative Course Calendar: Text Reading Assignments Topics 7/01 The Shallows Rainbows End---------- Prologue 1. Hal and Med 2. The Vital Paths 3. Tools of the Mind 4. The Deepening Page 5. A Medium of the Most 1-5 My role as a technology consumer. /08 #2 Smarter Than You Think Rainbows End----------- 7.

The Juggler's Brain 9. Search, Memory 1. The Rise of the Centaurs 2. We, the Memories 3. Public Thinking 6-10 Communication 7/15 #3 Rainbows End------------ 6. The Puzzle-Hungry 7. Digital School 9. The Connected Society 11-15 Education Midterm Assignment due on July 18th 7/22 Plain & Simple Laborer Excrescences Intro, Background & I 16-20 Leisure 7/29 #5 6- epilog 21-25 Vocation 8/05 Rainbows End Finish the book Final Project due on August 5th Grading for The Future of Everything The distribution of the grades will be: Weekly Participation and Discussion x 40 = 240 points 3. Weekly Assignment Questions Midterm and Final Project 120+ 120=240 points Letter Grade Assignments: 100 > A > 92 > 88 84 80 78 74 70 A- > 90 > 88 B > 84 > B- > 80 > C+>78 C > 74 C- > 70 D > 60 Weekly Participation and Discussion: Students will receive up to 40 points per week for completing the opinion poll and posting discussion entries. Students are expected to post at least two entries during the first round of discussion and two entries during the second round of discussion.

Discussion entries should reflect an understanding of the texts and media as well offering insight into the topic. In other words, students will be graded in terms of compliance in terms of how many posts are written as well as the quality of participation. Suggested discussion questions will be provided along with assignment packet. The instructor will be monitor the online discussions but will not necessarily respond to every post. The course is designed to be completed in a chronological fashion.

Once a new week beings, the previous weeks forums are considered to be closed. Generally, assignments are due at midnight of their due date. Weekly Assignment Questions: Weekly assignments include questions designed to valuate your comprehension of the text and engage you in thinking through the topics introduced in the assigned readings and media. Late work will be penalized in proportion to the delay in submission. Generally, assignments are due at midnight of their due date.

Theme Papers/Presentations: The purpose of essays and research papers is to encourage you to do thoughtful independent research on a topic relating to subjects we are addressing in class. The format may vary depending on the nature of the subject and how you wish to communicate it. The famous "Common Assignment" will be your final project assignment. Late work will be penalized in proportion to the delay in submission. Generally, assignments are due at midnight of their due date. Emails and conversation with instructor: Students are encouraged to email their instructor about any questions and concerns they may have.

Freshman Seminar: Dimensions of the Self (100-level) Sophomore Seminar: Diversity, Culture, and Community (200-level) Junior Seminar: Technology, Work, and Leisure (300-level) Senior Seminar: Virtues and Values (400-level) While LA&S seminars are taught by instructors from various disciplines representing alternative approaches to the general topics, they share several features. As seminars, they are courses in which students, led by an instructor, investigate rorobbersdesign projects, explore resources, share findings.

They are, that is, courses in which students learn with and from each other. The seminars are thematic. Building on prior semesters, they take as departure point questions that are both universal and urgent, questions that engage the whole person throughout life. Because all seminars at each class level share a common general topic and a common text or texts, they place at the center of students' Dominican education a shared experience; they embody for students the distinctive community of learners they have Joined.

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