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Seymour Butts

Hi my name is Seymour butts. My fathers name is moby dick. My favorite color is black.

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My favorite food is pizza. I just got a new fish yesterday. I named him bluey. You want to know why, because he is blue. Today is was cloudy outside but it never rained. That’s a bumer. I rode in a hummer on Sunday. It was cool. I also went to the movies. I haven’t been to the movies in a long time. I went to the beach today. It was wavey. I have a dog named blacky. Because he is black. I come up with unique names. I had chicken stew for dinner tonight. That is my favorite thing to make. I also had a corn muffin with it.

I just got done swimming in the pool. I do not have a pool. Fooled you. It is seventy six degrees in my house. That is very cold. It is twenty degrees outside. That is really hot. I cleaned my house today. It was very dirty. It took me all day to clean it. I love to clean the house. I don’t know how it got so dirty. Now the house does not have to be cleaned for another two years. I just dropped a glass plate and it shattered everywhere. Oh well. It was not my plate anyway. Well I hope this essay entertained you. It sure entertained me. All of this is true. That was a lie. I am just kidding.