Sex and Religion

Sexual origin and conduct morals differentiate between cultures and have evolved gradually over time to what we now know today. The conflict between sexuality (sex) and religion has been ever present in every cultures history. This conflict, however, comes in two parts: sex as in the action and sexuality. The action of sex, or conduct, has many different views that can sway easily from polar to polar. From the belief that sex is immoral and dirty, to the belief that sex is the highest expression of the divine, this an example on how the view of each religion differ greatly from each other.

Some religious faiths believe that only sex as a means of biological reproduction between a formal marital couple is acceptable and even promoted; while on the other hand, sex for the basis of pleasure is considered sinful and looked down upon. There seems to be little middle ground in any of the world’s major and minor religions. But while there may be little middle ground in the direct interpretations of religious texts and values, the middle ground is made up by society that as a whole is very laid back on such matters with only a few high profile individuals who happen to talk more than they walk.

Most people tend to such matters with privacy and discretion. The second of the two conflicts is of sexuality and preference, and this is one that grips our nation and many others when really it should not. Religious institutions have such a problem with gay-marriage that through years of successful lobbying against such marital status resulted in many states banning or suspending this right. This is a clear indicator that the seperation between church and state has become a bit of a fallacy.

Out of all the major faiths and sects in the world, the Anglican church is the only branch that even allows homosexuals to hold any leadership and pastorship position. Being Anglican, I have been taught that God just wants everyone to be happy and live a good life. If two same-sex people love each other and are happy, then why limit their possibilities to extend that happiness? At the same time, homosexual couples seem to be the only ones not affected by the hellish situation that is a divorce.

To be honest, it is unfair that they get rarely encounter any of the pain that a divorce brings. Plus, it allows divorce attorneys a new frontier to cast their loveless shadow over, and add extra impetus in their reservations in hell. Anyways, it’s none of our or any religion’s business to influence the happiness and lives of generally good people who contribute immensly in our world. In Judaism, sex and reproduction are the holiest of acts that one can do, they believe this act is the only one where one can imitate God and bring life to the world.

Of course, like many religions, they sanction monogamous and committed heterosexual relationships with marriage. Though, the Jewish Hebrew Bible prohibits adultery and heterosexual intercourse during when the wife in her menstrual period, or known as the Niddah. Orthodox Judaism strongly oppose homosexual sexual acts, while the Traditional division of Judaism views just male homosexuality as a grave sin.

With that in mind, female homosexuality is apparently fine with them – I guess they are fans of girl-on-girl action. Contradictions like this just make the view and morality of sex to religious faiths a huge joke. But there is hope as the tolerant attitudes ofReform and Reconstructionist Judaism in relation to both sexual diversity and interfaith marriage have contributed to the rise in popularity to eventually making it the largest Jewish denomination in the United States. For centuries

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