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Serving in the Army

She alas about what drives young men and women, to fight in a country on the other side of the world instead of being out partying with their friends. For her own son she thinks the motivation is to be found in the family, and his wish that his younger siblings shall grow up in a more peaceful world. Plain means that, because America is build on the idea that all human beings have a God-given right to be free the American soldiers work for “a cause bigger than themselves”, when they sacrifice for the military.

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Therefore she thinks that everybody should support the soldiers, as they work hard to defend the idea of America itself.

Tim Sailor, who is the father to former deployed Army Sergeant Ryan Sailor, used to agree with the point of views of Plain and thought that fighting for your country was a patriotic thing to do. But as he expresses in text 2, his opinion has changed drastically after his son has returned from Iraq. Ryan Sailor has suffered from all kind of disorders after his deployment in Iraq, both physical and mental. He has been diagnosed with P T SD and traumatic brain injury. He has been treated for his EST. in an intensive 65-day group program with other veterans.

But although he has now begun to recover, his parents, who encouraged him to join the army in the first place, regret that they ever allowed him to sign up. They do not think that the patriotic aspect in any way makes up for all the problems afterwards. Text 3 is about Nathaniel Pick, who is the author of a book about his time as a Marine Officer. Pick has a very different opinion about what deployment in the army can do for you, than the Sailor family. Pick sees it as a highly positive experience. He joined the army to get adventure and learn about manhood.

He thinks being that being a soldier has helped him to understand what words like Serving in the Army – Engel’s still duty, honor and love means. In the army he discovered a brotherhood, which means a lot to him, because you it is a very special friendship which is build between men who goes through training and combats together. 2. To engage the reader Sarah Plain describes herself like any other American woman, when she talks about sending her son to war but she also presents herself as the vice-presidential running mate for John McCain, which is use of the appeal form ethos.

By focusing on these two aspects she seems like a person with authority but also as a person who it is possibly to relate to. Plain rise to wake a patriotic feeling for America by talking about how America isn’t just another country but an exceptional country. ” She continues by describing how it is the whole idea of America the deployed are defending. She is very passionate about that everybody should be supporting the soldiers as they live in hellish conditions and she also wakes sympathy for the soldiers by talking about how they have to be away from their families and risk their lives for their country.

When talking about how her own son, and many other young men and women, join the army to have a chance to do, what they can to make the oral a better place to grow up for their smaller family members instead of being off partying on spring break or working their way up a hedgehopped career ladder she leaves no doubt that that these young people should get all the support they can from the American people and since they are willing make these sacrifices they most feel there is “a cause bigger than themselves” which they are fighting for.

Plain also uses a reference to the old president Ronald Reagan. As he is a much respected former president the use of one of his famous quotations: “You all knew that some things are worth dying for. , can also help to wake the patriots in the readers and make them more engaged in the cause. 3. There are just as many different reasons to join the army as there are soldiers.

Some Of them get their motivation from the simple wish to get an adventure that can be found nowhere else and learn about manhood as Nathaniel Pick in text 3. He wanted a break from college and joined the army 2 where he found a special brotherhood and protecting his brothers was as big a motivation for him in the combats as fighting for his country was. Others join the army to make money and some are drover by family traditions.

Others again have more patriotic reasons to fight for their country, such as the hope of being able to help create a better world and being able to spread the freedom, which is so important to Americans, to other parts of the world, where there is people who have never experienced peace, democracy, freedom Of religion and all the other things We take as a matter Of course. I think that being able to help making a difference for people in a country ravaged by war must be the biggest motivation for many. It must be an amazing feeling to see that what you do actually helps creating peace in the world.