Separate Peace Essays: Literature of Politics? You Choose!

Basics of separate peace essays

Academic essays are written to the standard rules of structuring, formatting, and argument developing. These rules are applied to separate peace essays to the same extent as to other essay types.

What is then so special about those separate peace essays? Well, these essays are different from many others by the fact that they can be focused on two, seemingly unrelated, topics, i. e. Separate Peace as a novel by John Knowles and separate peace as a proven historical fact of negotiations of the U.S. and Great Britain with Germany at the end of the World War II.

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Separate peace essays: reflection on the novel

Thus, traditional separate peace essays are papers written as reflections of the famous novel by John Knowles. If you select this option, your separate peace essay might discuss the plot of the novel, its characters, or the implications of the novel for the whole society. In addition, your separate peace essay can be related to the topic of World War II in the context of the novel’s characters’ lives.

Separate peace essays: political considerations

At the same time, if your teacher agrees, your separate peace essay can also focus on the proven fact that the Western allies negotiated the peace treaty with Germany at the end of the WWII without the participation of the USSR. Further on, you can relate the novel to this historical fact, and achieve the greatest credibility of your separate peace essay. Also, remember that proper structure of your paper and error-free writing are as important as the topic you select for your separate peace essay.