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Semiotic Analysis

2012 Unit Profile Unit Code Unit Title Provider Unit Type Level of Study EFTSL Delivery Method SGY110 Australian and Global Society Macquarie University UGRD Undergraduate Level 1 0. 125 Fully Online Unit Overview Commence your studies of society by learning about the sociological framework and establish skills for life. You will be introduced to many of the ways in which sociologists think about the most intimate aspects of life – such as sexuality, the family and gender – as well as to larger and often impersonal structural features, such as social class, the labour market and social policy.

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You will also have the opportunity to use social research techniques such as interviews and observation in the real world, as well as to uncover the secrets often hidden in other sources of information and data. Topics 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. What is sociology? History of sociology and key ideas What is a social fact?

Australian families Gender, language and domination The life course – growing up in the 21st century Religion and social change Media, race and ethnicity Class and inequality Work, employment and society Crime and society Globalisation: the world as social context Learning Outcomes At the completion of this unit students will: 1. be familiar with the key sociological concepts as they are applied to the study of Australian society 2. be aware of existing patterns of social structure and the processes and nature of change currently taking place 3. ave developed a broad understanding of the nature and methods of social science 4. be able to use basic social research skills to undertake some types of original, primary research under supervision. Page 1 2012 Unit Profile Assessment – Non-Invigilated Exam – Take Home Exam (30%) Online Discussion (15%) Report1 – Investigative Report (40%) Report2 – Thematic Activity Report (15%) Textbooks Prerequisites Special Requirements This unit does not have a prescribed textbook(s). – Broadband access Page 2

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