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Security Chief at a Manufacturing Company

You’re the security chief at a manufacturing company that makes small metal hand tools. The plant employs roughly one hundred people. Management has told you that many tools have disappeared.

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According to company records, the plant produces approximately fifty thousand per day, but far fewer are actually being shipped out. After double-checking the figures to ensure their accuracy, you have concluded that pilferage is the only possible explanation. A meal detector positioned at the employee exit near the time clock would catch anyone trying to smuggle tools out of the factory.

Because the purchase cost of a metal detector is prohibited, you have decided to rent one. Anyone caught stealing will immediately be fired, and a note to that effect will become part of the individual’s personnel file. You don’t want to create an atmosphere of hostility, but you do need to inform the employees about these developments. Write a memo to be posted on the main bulletin board and sent via e-mail. Dear Employees, Due to recent record inconsistencies, the manufacturing company will be reviewing supply and product expenses.

Recently brought to our attention is the shortage of production inventory leaving our warehouse plant. Significant security protocols will be implemented as precautions to help reduce cost wherever possible. We ask all employees to keep an open eye for suspicious behavior. Employees caught taking company supplies for personal use, would be grounds for immediate termination and appropriate legal disciplinary actions. Any incident will be reviewed, recorded, and filed for future reference. We thank you for being a part of our company. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact management. Respectfully, -MD