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Sci228 Ilab

Carmen Coronado iLab SCI 228 June 12, 2011 BMI Part 1 Define BMI-You must define BMI and not just as a general definition indicating its relationship to height and weight. Please also do not forget to define the actual term BMI! The body mass index (BMI) is of a measurement that was introduced in the early 19th century in order to categorize the entire population’s weight problems. The BMI is a statistic that is used to classify people’s weight as underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese.

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The formula that is used to calculate ones BMI is that the metric system will divide ones weight in kilograms by ones height in squared meters.

Then the units call for the physicians to multiply ones weight in pounds by 703 and will then divide the number that was gotten by ones height in inches squared. The body mass index will indicate if one is underweight, normal, overweight, and or obese categories. Part 2 Calculate BMI-Many students use an automated calculator to complete this part of the assignment. I will deduct points if I do not see the actual math calculations. Please include all stages of the math calculations associated with determining your BMI. There is an approximately 1800 calories that should be ingested.

As to my BMR (basal metabolic rate) is about 1300 calories, which I should be eating around 700 more calories in order for it to account for the amount of energy I will be expending during the day in both my daily activities. With regards to food, this entails eating adequate portions of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. A bowl of steel-cut oats with added whole milk, with a handful of almonds, topped with a tablespoon of ground flaxseed and mixed berries equates to around 600 calories. In the mid-morning I would have a snack of a protein shake and an apple that will work out to be about 100 calories.

For lunch a tossed salad containing grilled chicken pieces, romaine lettuce, corn, shoestring beets, carrots, soybeans that will work out to be about 500 calories. For dinner I would have a plate with fried rice, some mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes, and a piece of fish seasoned with garlic salt and lemon that would come out to be about 500 calories. So I would be left with 100 calories at the end of my day. Reference -Janiszewski, Peter. Body mass index (BMI) as a measure of obesity and health: a critical appraisal. June 12, 2011. http://scienceblogs. com/obesitypanacea/2010/03/body_mass_index_bmi_as_a_measu. php