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Sba in History

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Teachers will be notified as to whether they are required to submit SBA samples to CXC. It is recommended that ALL subject teachers preparing candidates for the examination collaborate in (i) (ii) setting the assignments, criteria and mark schemes standardizing the marking of the assignments.If requested, the Centre must submit ONE SBA sample consisting of the work of FIVE candidates.

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Sba in History

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. INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELECTING THE SAMPLE RANDOM SAMPLING (i) After the candidates’ SBA scores have been entered electronically, the sample for the centre will be automatically selected by the e-SBA system using the following procedure: * * The total SBA scores for all candidates will be arranged in order of performance, from highest to lowest score.The e-SBA system will then select the candidate who gained the • • • • • (ii) (iii) (iv) highest score middle (median) score lowest score score that is midway between the highest score and middle score score that is midway between the lowest score and the middle score The Centre must submit by the stipulated deadline, ONLY the sample that has been selected by the e-SBA system.

Where the number of candidates is less than five, submit the assignments of ALL candidates.Since resit candidates are not expected to undertake the School-Based Assessment, they should not be included in the ranked list and their work should not be submitted. C. MATERIALS TO BE SUBMITTED TO CXC The Centre (team of teachers) must submit to CXC: (i) (ii) ONE completed RECORD OF MARKS FOR SCHOOL-BASED ASSESSMENT for ALL candidates at the centre (electronically) If requested, • • the projects of the FIVE candidates selected ONE completed MODERATION OF SCHOOL-BASED ASSESSMENT FORMThe Local Registrars will stipulate the date by which ALL materials MUST be dispatched to their offices to ensure timely submission to CXC. Samples and moderation forms must be packaged separately from records for delivery to the Local Registrars. All records are forwarded by the Local Registrar to the Council’s Headquarters and samples and moderation forms are forwarded to the respective marking venues

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