San Jac BS

According to “Student Intellectual Property Rights”, if a student is working on a project initiated and funded by San Jacinto College, the ownership resides with the student.
According to “College Connections”, the red SJC ALERT ME tab is located…
Under “Technology Requirements”, there are (4) items that are needed in order for Blackboard to function properly. Which of the following is NOT listed?
Blackboard Browser System Portal
According to “Online Testing Assessment”, when attempting to take a test on Blackboard students are REQUIRED to use a wireless network or a cell phone device.
According to “Accessing Student Email”, what is the name of SJC’s Student Email Service?
Office 365
Under “Additional Resources”, which of the following is NOT listed among the additional “helpful” posted links?
None are listed
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According to “DL Laws/Information”, SJC is currently authorized to offer on-line courses and programs in other states and provides a list of those states. Which of the following is NOT listed?
None are listed
Which SJC Course Delivery Type is our class?
According to “Attendance in a DL Class”, just logging into Blackboard will be enough to count as “attendance”.
According to “Student Email”, any emails sent through the Blackboard email system will also be sent to your SJC Student Email Account.