San Francisco State Student Strike

SF Strike
Leading up to strike
Third World Movement
Important people/organizations involved
Lasted from…
November 1968 to March 1969
Leading up to the strike
Third World Movement:
– Decolonization
– Pushing back against imperialism
• Mao Zedong international revolution leader during this time
o George Mason Murray was a graduate student in English, director of Tutorial Program, minister of Education of Black Panther Party (?)
Important people/organizations involved
Black Panthers
President Ichiye Hayakawa
Third World Liberation Front
• Mostly working class commuters
• 1/3 population non-white, over ¾ white
President Samuel Ichiye Hayakawa
• Japanese Canadian American
• Presiden of SF State 1968-1973
• Against student strike and demands
• Controversial figure
• Tied to the model minority myth
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Third World Liberation Front
• Created 1968
• Comprised of many student organizations such as:
• Black Student Union
• Latin American Student Organization
TWLF Goals
• Special admission for students of color
• School of Ethnic Studies
o Development of Third World curricular
• Revolutionary nationalist ideology emphasizing unity amongst 3rd world people
• Hiring/rehiring/retaining important faculty
TWLF Main Demands
o 1. Ethnic Studies program
o 2. Open admission
o 3. Community control
o 4. Redefining of the education system
Some Other TWLF Demands
• You can get a Bachelors degree in Black Studies
• Black studies department houses its courses, and teachers get full time pay
Ways TWLF Demands Envisioned Restructuring of University
• 1. Third World people in charge creating knowledge about themselves and community
• 2. Third world people have institutional control over area studies department
• 3. Open admissions to students of color
• 4. Administration can’t discipline strikers
Outcomes of Strike
o Over 700 students arrested
o TWLF funds depleted from bailing out students
o Criminal charges and interracial discipline on strikers
o March 21, 1969 TWLF signed settlement