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Sample of Resume

ALVIN B. PAILAN Address: BRGY,. Cabanbanan, Pagsanjan Laguna Mobile No.

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: 0909-4245-651 Email: [email protected] com OBJECTIVES: To obtain a position that will best fit my qualification and develop further my ability and skills for a Continues career development. WORK EXPERIENCE Employer: ASIAPRO COOP. , Project: MANILA DOCTORS HOSPITAL Address: UN Avenue Ermita Manila Position: Plumber Maintenance Inclusive Date: November 3, 2008 to Present

Job description:-Responsible for maintaining of submersible, motor pump and installation of piping -repair plumbing works lavatory faucet, water closet -repair and installation of water supply -responsible preventive maintenance of vacuum pump and drinking fountain -monitoring of fire pump -responsible for cleaning of water tank and cistern tank – de-clogged sewer line and sanitary line – cleaning grease trap Company: INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL MANILA Employer: ENJAYS HOTEL (HOLIDAY INN) Position: SHIFT PLUMBER

Inclusive Date: September 1999 – July 2004 Job Description: -Maintaining of fan coil unit -Repair kitchen equipment -Monitoring of submersible pump -Back washing of swimming pool filter -Repair plumbing works lavatory faucet, water closet -Welding and acetylene copper pipe -De Clogged all drain line -Corrective maintenance of plumbing work Company: KAPALARAN BUS LINE Address: PAGSAWITAN STA CRUZ LAGUNA Position: AUTO AIRCON MECHANIC Inclusive Date: May 1994 – September 1998 Job Description: -Welding and acetylene copper Pipe -charging Freon -Vacuuming Trouble shooting and repair air-condition Company:SANMIGUEL FOOD CORPORATION Address:Cabuyao Laguna Position:Sales Representative Inclusive Date:September 1998 – October 1999 Job Description:-Delivery of all items magnolia foods -Receiving product Seminar Attended: -Basic Safety Course The maritime training center of the Philippines 3rd floor G. E. Antonio bldg,. TM Kalaw St. Ermita Manila February 15, 2002 -Medical Gas Safety Training,. (CIGI) Manila Doctors Hospital January 13, 2010 -INGASCO INC. , Product knowledge and Safe gas handling Seminar Manila Doctors Hospital April 21, 2010 -DCDC Aerocom

Engineering training Manila Doctors Hospital September 16, 2010 -Pacific paint (Boysen) Philippines INC,. Boysen Painting Seminar Manila Doctors Hospital March 30, 2011 -Basic Life Support Course (Lay Rescuer) Manila Doctors Hospital August 12, 2011 EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT Tertiary Education: LAGUNA SCHOOL OF ARTS AND TRADE Address: BRGY. ,BUBUKAL,STA. CRUZ LAGUNA Course:Refrigeration and air-conditioning Technology YEAR GRADUATED: 1992 – 1994 Secondary Education: LAGUNA SCHOOL OF ARTS AND TRADE Address: BRGY. ,BUBUKAL,STA. CRUZ LAGUNA Year Graduated:1988 – 1992 Primary Education: UNSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

Address: BRGY. , CABANBANAN PAGSANJAN LAGUNA Year Graduated: 1982 -1988 SPECIAL SKILLS:Acetylene / gas welding -Plumbing works – Refrigeration and air-conditioning -Installation of piping PERSONAL DATA Date of Birth:October 16, 1975 Birth Place: Pagsanjan Laguna Civil Status: Married Religion: Roman Catholic Nationality: Filipino Height: 5’6 Weight: 160 lbs. Dialects: English / Filipino Fathers name: Bienvinido pailan Occupation: Driver Mothers name: Avelina Baltera Occupation: Sewer “I hereby certify that all the information above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief’’