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Sample of Job Advert, Job Description and Person Specification

Job advert KANE Kane ltd. is a family business company with 8 local outlets for clothing. Aside the 8 outlets, they also have an office in San Gwann.

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The company is recruiting people as: CUSTOMER CARE OFFICER (REF: 71193) The candidate should have at least 6 O’Levels including Maltese, English and another language, 2 years experience in this job role, be well organised, be responsible, be good to work in a group as well as working on their own, have ECDL, have good communication skills and are willing to work. Good conditions are given to the selected candidate as well as bonuses every June and December.

Applicants should send their CV attached with an application letter by not later than 30th December 2012 to: [email protected] COM or send via mail to: Mr. T. Bajada HR Manager Main Street San Gwann Job description KANE CUSTOMER CARE OFFICER (REF: 71193) The person having this job will have several duties such as taking telephone calls, taking messages, dealing with callers, filing, photocopying, assisting to the customer care co-workers and assistant and report to the customer care manager Mr. J. Schembri. This is a clerical job on level 2 and the selected candidate is to work in the new building in San Gwann.

The customer care officer will have responsibilities such as: ? Answering telephone calls ?Taking messages ?Dealing with callers ?Filing ?Photocopying ?Typing reports ?Sending reports to the manager to let him know about complaints ? File reports in appropriate files ?Type, send and receive emails ?And other duties The customer care officer has to work with other customer care officers as well with the customer care manager. The applicant must have O’Level standard of education, preferably Maltese, English and another language and have ECDL.

Name of complier: Roxanne Bartolo – HR Assistant Name of approver: Ms. P. Pace – HR manager Date of issue – 3rd December 2012 Person specification KANE CUSTOMER CARE OFFICER (REF: 71193) Post title: customer care officer (Ref: 71193) Grade: clerical level 2 Date: 3rd December 2012 CRITERIA ESSENTIAL DESIRABLE Qualifications ?O’Levels – English ? – Maltese ? – Another language ? ?ECDL ? Experience ?2 years experience ? Social aptitudes ?Multi-tasking ? ?Responsible ? ?Typing ? Temperament and personality ?Calm ? ?Smart personality? Personal circumstances ?Fulltime ? ?Can work over time ?