Rutgers History

first dean of douglas college, founded it in 1918, was called NJ college for women at the time, dies by rowing on Lake Placid and never returned, name changed to douglass in what year; largest womens college in the country
Mabel Smith Douglass, 1955 renamed
first intercollegiate football game played what date, who vs who, what was the score, what place was it held
nov 6 1869, princeton vs. college of new jersey, score 6-4, Neilson Field where CA gym is today
year range for building of old queens, when completed what did it include inside, who donated it, and who can use this item? What has the building it been designated as?
1809-1825, college bell, Colonel Henry Rutgers, only can be rung by past presidents, National Historic Landmark
Rutgers first chartered on what date for what purpose? Who chartered it?
nov 10, 1766, all-man queens college affiliated with the dutch reformed church; NJ’s last colonial governor William Franklin (illegitimate child of Ben Franklin) chartered it
where did name rutgers come from and when did the name change?
1825 name changed, named in honor of trustee and revolutionary war verteran Colonel Henry Rutgers
who did Rutgers beat to become NJ’s land-grant institution (and create the Scientific School) and what year, who is this attributed to
1864, beat Princeton, George Cook
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year the alumni association of rutgers is formed
first greek letter frat formed in what year and what is its name
1845, Delta Phi
rutgers university yearbook and Targum (slang for what) and what year founded; hint: same year as first intercollegiate foot ball game
1869, cheat sheet
why was school color of scarlet chosen
couldn’t find any orange flags
what is name of alma mater, who wrote it, in what year, what scottish melody was it named after, what year did he graduate from rutgers
“on the banks”, howard fuller, 1873, On the Banks of the Old Dundee, graduated 1874
where is stolen canon returned to and in what year was it stollen
1877, in front of old queens
RU college of pharmacy founded in what year? First african american to graduate from rutgers in same year, what did Frank Grant say when princeton broke his leg
1892, “id die for dear old rutgers”
first dorm, what year does it open, who designed it
winants hall, 1890, Van Campen Taylor
what is kap and skulls motto and what does it mean
spectemur agendo – let us be judged by our actions
cap and skull draws inspiration from Skull and Bones from which university
exact date cap and skull founded, where was it began
jan 18, 1900; Chi Psi lodge
cook college starts this to teach farmers at Cook, what year and what is this
1906, “Ag Field Day”
3rd african american to graduate from rutgers, valedictorian, fifteen varsity letters, All-American football player, part of Cap and Skull
Paul Robeson
cap and skull evolution of members per year:
1900 to 1923 = 8, 1923 to = 12
trifold selection criteria for cap and skull
activites, scholarship, service
Holland Society of NY give Rutgers a monument to symbolize its ties with the Dutch church, what is it called and where Is it located
William the Silent, Voorhees Mall
year the stadium built in university heights (where High Point Solution stadium is now)? Hint: financed by the New Deal Works Progress Admin
year rutgers merges with University of Newark + year merged with College of South Jersey and its School of Law
1946, 1950 respectively
previous mascot and for what years was it active
1925-1955, Chanticleer (fighting rooster)
founding of rutgers medical school, first undefeated foot ball season, who was the coach
1961, John bateman
year rutgers gets Army’s Camp Kilmer
year EOF program established, was established in response to the Freedom race Riots in Newark
what is livi campus named after, and why was it significant at the time
William Livingston first post-collonial governor of NJ; first coed, residential, liberal arts college at rutgers
Cap and Skull Hiatus for what time period
1969 to 1981
year women are admitted to rutgers (douglass not part of rutgers yet)
1970 (or 1972 is when taken into affect
year of first dance marathon
year that first NJ Folk Festival established by Douglass, oldest continuously run folk festival in the state
rutgers joins Association of American Universitites
recent event that caused rutgers to spend more money on sports
rutgers beats 3rd-ranked Cardinals in 2006
RU joins big 10, UMDNJ acquisition, Camden campus is stopped from folding into Rowan
1st oldest instution? ___ oldest institution
only school that functions as a ____,___,____
colonial college, land grant institution, and state university
made general George Washington’s map to yorktown, designed street grid for manhattan
Simeon DeWitt
coined the term “antibiotics”, first cure for teburulosis, first rutgers faculty member to win nobel prize
Selman Waksman, won nobel prize in 1952
economist, won Nobel Prize in 1976
Milton Friedman
sculptor who addressed social issues
George Segal
US Supreme Court Justice, offered seminar about women in the law
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
rutgers motto and translation, where is it written?
Sol iustitiae et occidentem illustra, translated as “Sun of righteousness, shine upon the West also”, circular seal
coat of arms: what are the 4 quarters?
arms of House of Orange to recognize dutch founders, arms of King George III (chartered Rutgers), seal of NJ, arms of Colonel Henry Rutgers
spirit chant
R-U Rah Rah….
rutgers fight song name
The Bells Must Ring
what people do now to remember the princeton cannon war
go to princeton and paint the cannon scarlet
traditions at commencement
break clay pipes over the Class of 1877 cannon monument, walk under the 1902 memorial gateway
name 10/25 members of the cap and skull current classF
Aditya Parikh, Anirudh Thuppul, Anne Kavalerchik, Bernadette Burke, Brian Schendt, Chisanim Egbelu, Esther Kang, Gailen Davis, James Liu, Justin Lucero, Kaustubh Deshpande, Laura Gunderson, Madison Little, Marie Callahan, Monika Juzwiak, Nicole Scaramella, Riasat Zaman, Zahra Khan
cartoon character who is an alumnus of rutgers, who is the creator
Mr. Magoo, Henry Saperstein
Douglass Residential College’s motto
wisdom and self control
where did Rutgers hold its first classes What year and who was the tutor?
tavern called the Sign of the Red Lion, 1771, Frederick Frelinghuysen
year of division of the Rutgers Scientific School into the College of Engineering (now the School of Engineering)?
responsible for much of the campus mischief, Rutgers’ second fraternity
Zeta Psi
sacred path connected what 2 buildings? year sacred path douglass tradition began and what is the tradition. What colors/charms are for each class?
college hall and federation hall; 1919; “moving up of the classes”, In the early days, first-year students were not allowed to walk along the path between College Hall and George Street—the Sacred Path—until the night of the ceremony, when they were escorted by upper-class women starting at Voorhees Chapel along Sacred Path by torchlight, and participation in the Old Pinecone Tradition. Frosh = white lantern, Soph = pink clock, Junior = red key, Senior = black graduation cap, alumni = green ivy
year yule log douglass tradition began and what is the tradition? Where originally held and where is it held now?
1918 same year as Douglass college founding, Originally in College Hall but now in Voorhees Chapel, tradition is to hold cancles, singe songs, read passages about the winter season
Name 3 buildings named after Alumni Ralph Voorhees, what did he do at rutgers
Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Voorhees Chapel, Voorhees Hall, Voorhees Mall, graduated phi beta kappa played baseball
what place on college ave used to be the site for rutgers commencement?
Voorhees Mall
Current Dean of Douglass college, 1 accomplishment so far
Dr. Jacquelyn Litt, She initiated a new Global Education Program, a Douglass Career Development Program, and a renewed focus on programs to support women in STEM fields, including a new residential learning community for first year women students enrolled in the School of Engineering.
Antilles Field: what is it used for, who donated it, who gave the field its name and why, where located
located just behind college hall, home of Douglass College’s Commencement exercises. Donated by James Neilson, money for construction provided by Leonor Loree who gave the field its name, name is after the transport vessel Antilles which saved Mr. Loree and his family and was later sunk by Germans
Passion Puddle; alternative name, what is the legend, what is “traying”, what is the rumor
also known as College Pond, is the imaginary border
between Cook and Douglass. The lawn which surrounds the Puddle is the site of Cook
Commencement and is the most photographed area of the campus. In the late 1800’s a
legend began between Cook and Duglass saying that if a Cook man held hands with a
Douglass woman and circled the Puddle three times, they would then be engaged and live
happily ever after. The nickname Passion Puddle came about partly because of this
legend but mostly because it became a popular site for couples to spend a romantic
evening. The Puddle is also a great place to go “traying.” After a good snowfall, many
students borrow dining hall trays and use them to fly down the hill to the Puddle. For a
period of time in the 1970’s rumors existed that there was a monster in the Puddle. As it
turns out, some Cook students from the Scuba Club used their talents and would dive into
the pond and come out of the water unexpectedly, scaring the daylights out of
unsuspecting couples.
site of cook commencement
passion puddle
what is the Rutgers Slab?
The Rutgers Slab is a mysterious block of stone with a painted
scarlet “R” on top. No one is exactly sure when the R first appeared or who painted it but
it was done meticulously in the official University typeface (Fritz Quadrata).
Alt name for kissing bridge, why built, constructed by who, additional info
The Ravine Bridge was built in 1926 to connect the Gibbons
complex and the Music Building with the rest of the campus so that students would no
longer have to walk on the highway. The bridge, which is one of the smallest suspension
bridges in the U.S., was constructed by Roebeling of Trenton, who also designed and
built both the Brooklyn and George Washington Bridges. The bridge marks the spot
where the Old Minisink Indian Trail crossed the ravine. In Douglass’ earlier years, it was
an unwritten tradition that only Juniors and Seniors were allowed to cross the bridge.
legend: if a student received a kiss from a young man on the bridge, she would be pinned, engaged or married to him within a year
1949 rutgers won team championship, what sport, and what division
NCAA team championship in 1949 , fencing
year of founding of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
year of first summer session, how many courses and students
1916, about 50 courses, 300 students
total number of students enrolled, # grads
51000 total students enrolled, 13000 graduate students
Rutgers University was ranked No. 1 for ____________ by
Princeton Review’s “Best 351 Colleges” in the year ____.
“Diverse Student Population” , 2003
Among AAU universities, Rutgers is 2nd in total minority enrollment, 1st in
___________ enrollment, ________ in Asian enrollment, and ________ in Latino
1st in
African-American enrollment, 5th in Asian enrollment, and 5th in Latino
percentage of enrolled students from NJ
1/3 of students enrolled were in the top __________ of their high school
top 10% of the graduating class at their high school
building that was purchased by George H Cook in 1868 for $18000
distinguished, former member of the Board of Governors of the University, named the “hub” of rutgers university after him. This hub contains some of the few elm trees that survived a northeastern outbreak of Dutch Elm disease. What is the hub and who is he?
Tracy Voorhees, Voorhees Mall
Alumni from class of 1866, owned most of downtown new brunswick (cook/douglass today), campus originally named after him. What is his name and what was the campus called
Nielson campus, James Nielson
today it is home to the Art History department, originally built as a library after donor/alumni, who is the alumni and what is the building
Voorhees hall, Ralph Voorhees
The institute of _____ on the newark campus is the largest archive of _____ around the world
Jazz Studies library, jazz materials
how many gateways are on college ave campus? What are the names?
4, class if 1882, 1883, class of 1902, Henry Rutgers Baldwin Memorial
legend behind the gateway arches
if a student passes through the gateway into voorhees mall more than twice during college they will be doomed to failure
built in 1889 with state funds for an “Agricultural hall” to house the recently established Agricultural Experiment Station. Now houses the ________ department
New Jersey hall, econ
busch campus used to be called the _______
university heights campus
new brunswick’s significance in the revolutionary war
Alexander hamilton stalled the advance of british forces using the ford (highest point of the raritan river) to help Washington retreat safely to Trenton
first Dean of Rutgers College, what building is named after him and what department does it house today?
Francis C Van Dyck, Van Dyck Hall, history department
oldest seminary in the united states at Rutgers, founded in ? Moved to Rutgers in 1810
what is the rutgers tunnel and what is the legend
old copper mine shaft from the mid 1700’s, used as a means of escape for slaves on the Underground Railroad and smuggled alcohol during Prohibition
professor of history and poly sci, president of rutgers and mayor of New Brunswick, has building named after him. Which building and who is he
Austin Scott, Scott Hall
best sandwich in the country by Maxim Magazine
Fat Darrel
Henry Rutgers Baldwin Memorial – year built, what purpose, what is written on it? Where does “Baldwin” come from?
1901, Baldwin was a member of the Board of Trustees, writing on it is: Rutgers, Queens, Rutgers motto
second oldest building at Rutgers, used to have the rutgers grammar school (formerly known as Rutgers Prep)
Alexander Johnston Hall
which Queen was queen’s college named after
Queen Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg, wife of King George III
what was the second choice for the sight of Queen’s college?
Hackensack, trustee vote won 10 new brunswick, 7 hackensack
Class of 1883 gateway was built with what and what is 1 fact about it?
built with dead weights from the original ships used by the dutch settlers who founded new brunswick in 1680, fact = freshmen were not allowed to use it
roads/buildings named after rutgers presidents
Philip Brett (brett road), Theodore Frelinghuysen (Frelinghuysen road), Mason Gross, Edward Bloustein, Richard McCormick (McCormick dorm), Austin Scott (Scott Hall), William Henry Campbell (Campbell Hall)
first rutgers president
Jacob Rutsen Hardenbergh
descendant of colonel henry rutgers, who helped brought cap and skull back, what years was cap & skull dormant? Was also a cap and skull member
Dean Howard Crosby, 1969-1982
in what year were the skull-emblazoned caps introduced for cap & skull?
year School for the Creative and Performing Arts was founded, who is it named after
Mason Gross, 1976
other building besides cooper dining hall that is closed and no longer in use, what was its use in the past?
Schanck Observatory, used for rutgers scientific school with observatory, classroom, research equipment
WHat building has stones engraved with various class years, what is the tradition regarding the stones?
Kirkpatrick Chapel, on commencement day the chapel’s scarlet walls are hung with portraits of past presidents of rutgers and 3000-pipe organ is played
year geology hall was completed, what is in the geology museum and how did it get there?
1872, leaker boiler in the seminary school forced the transfer of equipment and supplies to geology hall where a 17-year-old girl mummy from egypt was found in an unmarked crate
this building named after a merchant of saddlery and a member of the board of trustees, today includes what?
Van Nest Hall, today includes University Welcome center
decade when trustees revamped the entire RU faculty, keeping only professor of geology George H Cook
attracted the first ______ students to attend an american university, decade that this occurred?
japanese, 1860s, these students soon died from influenza
what is phi beta kappa and what year was it founded at RU
1869, oldest honor society for the liberal arts and sciences in the United States, with 284 active chapters. Widely considered to be the nation’s most prestigious honor society
the area surrounding the Bishop House on the College
Avenue Campus, Known as the ___________
Bishop Beach, “beach without the sand”
ghost ground, originally started as a mortuary called McDede Burial company
Miller Hall
investigate nearby buildings to cooper
reread your essay Q’s
place where mililtary officer spirit lives
office of RV and Radio (RU TV)
type of tree that was ________’s inspiration for writing his poem “trees”, who wrote it
joyce kilmer, kilmer oak
First resident of college hall? What year was it handed over to rutgers and for what purpose?
John N. Carpender, a trustee and graduate of Rutgers, purchased it. In 1918, the building was leased from the Carpender family for the newly established NJ College for Women – NJ college for women had its first activities here
2nd bridge on douglass campus aside from the kissing bridge, where does it cross
the horse bridge, crosses george street, steps are made for horses not humans
building named after history professor, architecture is interesting and what legend did upperclassmen tell freshmen?
Emily Hickman, Hickman Hall, building resembles old kind of rotating camera flash cubes so freshman are told that the hall rotates a quarter turn every half an hour