Rousseau- Social Contract- General Will

How did Rousseau make a living in his early life?
was born into a poor middle-class family ( in Switzerland) and wandered through France and Italy, making a living by holding odd jobs for low pay (as a young man)
What is his argument in “Discourse on the Origins of Inequality of Mankind?”
people had adopted laws and government to preserve their property
In his famous work “The Social Contract,” published in 1762,
Rousseau presented a strikingly new idea about society
What is Rousseau’s social contract? Explain
an agreement among a whole society that it would be governed by the general will
What, according to Rousseau, does the general will represent?
what is best for the entire community
What, according to Rousseau, happened with people adopting laws and government to preserve their property?
they become enslaved by government
Rousseau said “This means nothing less than (they) will be forced to be free” What is he alluding to?
individuals who wanted to follow their own self-interests must be forced to abide by the general will
What did Rousseau believe about education?
it should foster, and not restrict, children’s natural instincts
What did Rousseau think about the role of women?
they should learn obedience and nurturing skills so that they could care for their husbands and children