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Role of Ngo in Devlopment

Several Nags have worked hand in hand with the Government to ensure hat millions of out of school children are enrolled and continue their school education, thus making the right to education a reality. The leprosy eradication programmer was spearheaded by Nags and today only residual leprosy remains in our country. Nags have implemented the Jayvee Dharma programmer for creation of wells for safe drinking water; promoted community toilets for total sanitation, and supported the public health programs on immunization and for eliminating tuberculosis and malaria.

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The much celebrated , Normal gram, and Swastika BEMA of the government have their roots in the work of many Nags. Nags eave significantly influenced the development of laws and policies on several important social and developmental issues such as the right to information, Juvenile justice, ending corporal punishment in schools, anti-trafficking, forests and environment, wildlife conservation, women, elderly people, people with disability, rehabilitation and resettlement of development induced displaced people to name a few.

Further, Nags made their modest attempts to ensure the effective implementation of these laws and policies by conducting and disseminating findings from participatory research, budget analysis, public hearings, social audits, rockroses, seminars and conferences. Summing up, it is now well established that Nags have an important role to play in the development processes and that both the state and market need the collaboration of credible, active, and accountable Nags.

Given their connect with the grassroots realities, Nags can and should play the “game changer” to pro-poor development through leadership on participatory research, community empowerment and search for development alternatives. 36 Google +0 Telecommuting 0 19 | Latest Articles GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) Why our prayers are not answered? Positive Attitude Support Honesty Peaks E Ashram O Hay 1 20th century transferred the number of issues to its successor with regard to social sector.

Perhaps among those most discussion able and dispersing one is “The Role of MONGO, s largely depending upon the contribution made by the socially developed countries, which on its turn also exalted a number of issues lying under the generous contribution made, by the developed world. But as far as our concern, the presentation contains in itself the evolutionary development of the concept both theoretically and practically emerging the various types of Nags I. E. Heritable organizations, national organizations, community organization boards and international Nags etc.

The objectives of these Nags as relief welfare, community development, sustainable system and people’s participation are also considered in this work. The role of Nags which are common for almost all the Mongo, s with regard to development in different fields as in education, health, women welfare etc are mostly sponsored by international Nags. Nags also contribute their due share in the development sector of Pakistan and the facts about their activities funds and utilization of funds is also considered in this presentation.

The Nags are also working in rural areas of Pakistan and their programs in these areas are also under the consideration of our paper. So, all the presentation will provide the knowledge and basic facts about the role of Nags in development both at national and international level, their types, work ability and objectives and some fact about their weaknesses. Introduction The term MONGO seems to be deceptively simple. It may overlook the enormous variety and differential capabilities of different Nags. N fact, Nags offer a kaleidoscopic collection of organizations varying in origin, size, programmer, ideology, role strategy, ending, linkages evaluation, problem etc. Nags embrace a bewildering group of organizations varying in terms of innumerable parameters. No standard definition can include all organizations working at present under the title of MONGO, originally voluntarism was a doctrine which held that the will is dominant factor or it is a principle relying on one’s own free will for an action.

The definition of Nags vary as:According to Asian Development Bank the term non-governmental organization refers to organization based in government. Not created to earn profit. United Nations defines it “Nags are private organizations that pursue activities to relieve suffering, promote the interest of poor, protect the environment, provide basic social services or undertake community development